Netflix users threaten to cancel subscriptions over account sharing crackdown: ‘Guess we’re not watching’

Netflix is ​​facing a wave of backlash after inadvertently revealing new details about the company’s efforts. Prevent subscribers from sharing passwords. With people outside their homes.

Earlier this week, the “Sharing your Netflix account” pages on the streaming giant’s home page said that “anyone in your household (who lives with you at your primary location)” can use the Net. Can use a Flix account.

According to the web pages, those who are not part of the Netflix household must obtain their own account or the owner of an account used by others can add them as an “additional member” for an additional fee.

The rules were removed from Netflix’s website on Wednesday after they went viral, and a company spokesperson said the rules do not currently affect users in the United States. The spokesperson confirmed that the company continues to plan to unveil its new plans to reduce password sharing by the end of March, but said some of the “erroneously” posted components of the move were confusing or confusing. will be changed.

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Netflix executive Reed Hastings.
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Prominent Twitter accounts were not happy with the news. He questioned how potential rule changes might affect commuters, multiple households and families with children away from college.

It was also criticized when the phrase “NETFLIX Reverse Your Decision” trended on Wednesday. One aspect that drew particular criticism was that users had to connect to Wi-Fi at their primary location and log into Netflix at least once every 31 days. Those traveling must request a code to use when signing in to avoid being blocked.

YouTuber and reporter Philip DeFranco wondered how many people would just start pirating shows instead of incorporating Netflix’s proposed rules.

“He’s somehow become one of the most popular streamers after being the biggest undisputed rock star for years,” he added.

Luggage Drop CEO Bobby Davenport revealed that he has been with the same Netflix account since 2012 but will be canceling his subscription after next month. He added that he would not “jump through hoops” to use the service wherever and whenever he wanted.

“If I want to watch in the office, the vacation home or the back seat of the car. I’m paying (more) for that,” he said.

Some Twitter users, like JTA News journalist Orj Castellano, resurfaced an old Netflix tweet from 2017 when the company said, “Love is sharing a password.”

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A picture of someone turning on Netflix.

A picture of someone turning on Netflix.
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“The only reason I don’t pirate every show is the convenience of using a shared family Netflix ACC, even that kind of minor inconvenience is enough for me to just use free streaming services (pirated) – it There’s a Google search. Away,” said Twitch streamer Hassanabi.

“It assumes every home has Wi-Fi. But the only Internet connection in low-income homes is often a hotspot through a phone. Netflix’s differentiating move,” said post-graduate student and content creator Asher Wolff. said

Other Twitter users also blasted the proposed rule changes and predicted other problems for the streaming giant’s subscribers.

Some companies, such as Roku Channel, used the situation as an opportunity to promote their streaming platforms.

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In this illustrated example, a Netflix button is on a smart television remote controller.

In this illustrated example, a Netflix button is on a smart television remote controller.
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The cost of adding an “Additional Member” to a Standard or Premium Plan account is less than the cost of “ [Netflix’s] Basic Plan,” said the now-removed help center pages. This additional monthly fee will be charged to the person whose account is added as an “Additional Member”.

The website also states that “when someone signs into your account from a device that is not part of your primary location, or if your account is accessed continuously from another location, This device may be blocked from viewing Netflix,” the website also states.

To trace devices connected to an account’s primary location, the company said it uses IP address, device ID and account activity. The account’s designated main household must sign in to at least one home Wi-Fi network every 30 days to avoid account restrictions.

People can still use a temporary access code or update the account’s primary location while using a streaming service or “between locations.”

I January shareholder letter, Netflix said that more than 100 million households are engaged in account sharing, with the company saying that “weak [the] The long-term ability to invest in Netflix and improve it as well as build our business.”

The company plans to launch the new sharing system “more widely” next month.

Fox Business’ Aislin Murphy contributed to this report.

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