New original Christmas movies will air on Fox Nation this Thanksgiving


Watching football on Thanksgiving – an annual tradition for many families – is not Everybody. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who leave Turkey completely and ride a sleigh straight to Christmas, switch the channel and subscribe now, because Christmas is coming soon Fox Nation!

Last year, Fox Nation’s first original holiday film, “Christmas in the Rockies,” featured guest appearances “Fox and friends” Co-hosts Steve Doosy and Ainsley Earhardt debuted on Thanksgiving week. The streaming service is keeping pace with the release of three new original movies this year, all available to watch on the platform now:

Romance in the wild


Deep in the Rocky Mountains forest, Forest Ranger Buck Thompson unexpectedly thought he was the Ranger Station that abandoned geologist Jessica Allaway. Despite the instant attraction, they fend for themselves when they deliver the news that a powerful tech corporation has taken over her research site.

When the lightning strikes – a deadly wildfire sparks at a nearby mining site – Jessica fails to listen to warnings, leaving her on her way unknowingly. Buck rushes to her aid, but, upon his arrival, the flames intensify – trapping them between harsh conditions and cutting them off from the outside world.

With Jessica being a risk-taker and Buck more cautious, tensions flared as she tried to escape the fire and reach safety. But in the face of danger, they form an unbreakable bond, quickly realizing that the only hope for survival is to come together – igniting romance in the most unlikely places.

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Christmas in the woods


The new couple, Buck and Jessica, are weeks away from their first Christmas together in the rugged Rocky Mountains when the avalanche occurred. Duty calls Buck, the forest protector, but before he goes deep into the forest, he promises that nothing will hinder his holiday plans.

As Christmas approaches, a terrible blizzard ruins any chance that Buck will get his plane back in the air and Jessica. Deciding to stick to their word, they decide to go through the land to a snow-covered forest to meet everyone in a cozy little cabin.

But their journey through the untamed forest quickly turns into a battle for survival.

With each step of the way, unexpected obstacles emerge and new dangers unfold as the wild takes them on a thrilling ride that tests their limits and the lengths they go for their love.

Christmas in the Pines


Ariel, a young emerging writer, has something special in mind for Christmas this year. Instead of focusing on shopping lists and retail gifts, she has decided to bring back the true meaning of the holiday: family.

As she is fulfilling her dream of buying a beautiful cottage for her family, Ariel discovers that the mysterious owner has accepted two identical offers. Her competition, the beautiful architect Mark, had no intention of leaving the cottage.

It determines the first person to foreclose on the property, rather than withdraw from the sale.

As two strangers become unexpected roommates, both are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

They each come to their families and help drive another person, but it quickly becomes clear that Ariel and Mark can have more than meets the eye.

As Christmas Day quickly approaches, they both find that their cozy vacation is not the only thing that makes their hearts flutter.

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