New York Times ridiculed for carbonara recipe with tomatoes: ‘War on Italy’

Tomatoes in Carbonara? Fuhgeddaboudit.

The New York Times is the subject of ridicule on Twitter after re-sharing a carbonara sauce recipe on Sunday.

Carbonara is usually made with eggs, cured pork, parmesan and cracked pepper. But the newspaper recipe required an additional ingredient: tomatoes.

“Tomatoes aren’t traditional in carbonara, but they add a bright color to the dish,” Smoked Tomato Carbonara Recipe reads

It also suggests using bacon instead of cured pork, because “it’s widely available and gives a nice smoky note”—another deviation from the traditional dish.

The recipe was originally published in 2021, but The New York Times shared. It’s causing outrage on the internet, again this week.

The New York Times called for an additional ingredient: tomatoes.
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Reporting Pasta for misinformation. Spaghetti Carbonara doesn’t have tomatoes. Adding tomatoes makes it another dish.” A person wrote.

“Tomatoes? Carbonara? That’s misinformation.” said another.

“What’s wrong with you, tomatoes are in bolognese not spaghetti carbonara!” A reader said.

“It needs a new name. Carbonara doesn’t have tomatoes. Someone added.

“Um it’s not carbonara.. you’re one step away from adding pineapple aren’t you?” One person scoffed..

“You have all just declared war on Italy.” Another joked.

“It’s another sauce now, but call it what you will.” Someone else wrote.

“I can hear Stan Tucci yelling,” said one user.

“Very well, now my grandmother’s ghost will haunt me to complain about this,” One person commented..

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