News Outlets Struggle To Decide: Do We Pay For Journalists’ Twitter Blue?

As more and more news organizations adopt social media as a means of disseminating information and engaging with their audience, a new dilemma has arisen: should they pay for their journalists to have access to premium social media features, such as Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that offers users exclusive features like the ability to undo tweets, access to a dedicated customer support team, and ad-free browsing. The service costs $2.99 per month and has been available in select countries since 2021.

While some news outlets have opted to pay for Twitter Blue subscriptions for their journalists, others have expressed concerns over the precedent it could set. In an industry where budgets are often tight and resources are scarce, some worry that paying for premium social media features could be seen as an unnecessary expense.

On the other hand, advocates of Twitter Blue argue that it can help journalists work more efficiently and effectively. The ability to undo tweets, for example, could prevent embarrassing or inaccurate information from being disseminated to the public. And ad-free browsing could help journalists focus on their work without the distraction of sponsored content.

One prominent example of a news organization that has embraced Twitter Blue is the New York Times. In a memo sent to staff in October 2021, the Times announced that it would cover the cost of Twitter Blue subscriptions for all of its journalists, saying that the service could help them “build their personal brands and create deeper connections with our readers.”

Other news organizations, however, have taken a different approach. The Washington Post, for example, has opted not to pay for Twitter Blue subscriptions for its journalists, citing concerns over cost and fairness. Instead, the Post has encouraged its journalists to use the free version of Twitter and to be mindful of the content they post.

Ultimately, the decision to pay for Twitter Blue subscriptions for journalists is a complex one that requires careful consideration of the needs and resources of each news organization. While some may see it as a worthwhile investment, others may view it as an unnecessary expense. Regardless of the approach taken, it’s clear that social media will continue to play a critical role in the world of journalism for the foreseeable future.

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