No one believes the media coverage of America’s crime wave

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Crime is out of control. Not only in our cities, but also in the media. Journalists lost control of the story before, during and after the election. They are angry that social media allows voters to see attacks on citizens, hate crimes and large crowds looting stores.

The old press tried to suppress the crime story until Election Day. Just 19 days after the vote, The Washington Post admitted, “Over the past three years, homicides across the country have reached their highest levels in decades.”

This should have led to a Mencken moment for the political press. Instead, they ignored it or tried to rationalize it.

The Post’s own “national columnist,” Philip Bump, followed the news with his paper’s “overblown, intense political fear of America’s cities.” (It’s worth noting that when reporters become commentators at major news outlets, it usually reflects the reporter’s inability to even pretend to be neutral. Like Bump.)

Bump dares to compare crime in 1990 to today. Since then, the birth rate has approached 4 million per year. So, excluding new immigrants, there are more than 120 million unborn people – legal and illegal. Still, Bump noted, “Crime is up in New York City — but worse.” Wow, that’s comforting. Your colleague was just killed in the subway, but 32 years ago it was more dangerous! You just won a free metro token.

The old press has come full circle. They can’t stand people not believing in crime. It was the same until the vote.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to blame the rise in crime in 2020 on liberals looting, arson, and violent attacks on then-President Donald Trump, rather than on them. “Between 2019 and 2020, the Trump years, the homicide rate in the US increased by about 30 percent. This is the highest increase in modern history.”

Jake’s cynicism also comes through when you read his comments. He continued: “If you don’t feel safe, if you or someone you care about is attacked or assaulted, that’s your experience. Fear is the key. It’s a very important emotion.” In other words, don’t be irrational, don’t listen to crime concerns. Be like Jake, a common man worth $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


NBC’s Lester Holt tried a similar strategy before the election. He brought in “civil rights lawyer” Alec Karakatsanis, who accused conservatives: “I see the right wing trying to intimidate people into undoing some very small reforms,” ​​he said.

Next time you see a bunch of legacy media elites risking their lives in the New York subway, hit me up.

It was the same on election day. The Atlantic Worried About Crime: “Pollister Stan Greenberg found that worry about rising crime under Democrats is a stronger fear than any other issue this cycle.” The article added more emotion to the crime. “Violent crime was nearly flat last year (a drop in robberies offset an increase in murders),” FBI data released in October showed.

Oh, yes, murders and robberies always cancel each other out in an Excel spreadsheet in the sky.

Meanwhile, NPR rationalized that crime isn’t really that bad, with the headline “Crime stories abound with misinformation and racism, critics say.” If you’re worried about being stolen, you’re either an idiot or a racist.

Republicans won the House, largely because of seats in New York tied to the GOP’s anti-crime campaign. Then a Post article appeared, admitting that “Even now, as the bloodshed has slowed, the murder rate has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.”

But Post buried his lede. He pointed to nine cities ravaged by homicide, noting that “Victim data from each city shown here shows that blacks accounted for more than 80 percent of homicide victims in 2020 and 2021.”

Can you imagine a major news agency hiding something so horrible for people of color? Unless, of course, reporters are concerned that the issue might cause African-Americans to vote Republican.


But the news comes out. The New York Post reports, “Crimes like murder, rape and robbery are up 40 percent in the subway system by 2021, according to newly released NYPD statistics.”

Even CNN reported about them earlier this year. Like “New York man arrested for 7 assaults on Asian women”. Or “Horrified by the rise of anti-Asian violence, he empowers his community to defend itself.”

The left and their friends in the old press cannot hide the crime from anyone. People watch videos and receive reports of assaults and murders, homelessness, drug use, and the terrible decline of our once great cities. And no amount of government propaganda or mass media can stop it.

But the more journalists try to bury the story, the only thing they bury is their credibility.


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