No rest for the weather-weary, ice last week, flooding rains this week

Many people still cleaning up from last week’s blizzard are looking over their shoulders as a new storm hits the same areas. This mid-week storm brings the possibility of flooding, severe thunderstorms and northern snow. The next system will move in on Tuesday and affect the eastern two-thirds of the country by the end of the week.

Monday is the calm before the storm as a low pressure center rotates and takes aim.


“Returns of heavy moisture will pose a severe threat to parts of Texas, particularly southeast Texas, where a few storms may briefly intensify with large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes,” FOX Forecast Center said.

“It remains unclear whether the components of severe weather will converge in time, which could act to increase or decrease the potential for severe weather through Tuesday,” the forecast center continued.

Rain also creeps into the Midwest by Tuesday night. Areas affected by the blizzard will experience heavy rains and there is a risk of flooding.

Apart from being severely affected by the blizzard, Kane areas will also experience heavy rains and there is a risk of flooding.
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“The storms will be effective rainfall producers, easily exceeding 1-2 inches per hour of rainfall. Given the already saturated soils, there will be a high risk of flash flooding from Houston to Little Rock.” ” said the forecast center. “Widespread soaking 2-3 inches of rain are expected Tuesday through Thursday across the southern Plains and parts of the Mississippi Valley.”


The risk of flooding increases Tuesday night, and peaks after sunrise on Wednesday.

“Rain is expected from Indianapolis to New Orleans by Wednesday afternoon with a rapidly advancing cold front. There will be some severe potential, mostly in the form of damaging winds, but the potential is unclear at this time as it is Tuesday.” “is highly dependent on the evolution of cyclones,” the center said.

Some parts of the Midwest could get up to 5 inches of snow.
Some parts of the Midwest could get up to 5 inches of snow.
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As cold air wraps clockwise around the system, snow makes its way into Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin.

“Heaviest snow accumulations are highly dependent on the system’s exact track. Forecast models suggest that the areas that could see the most snow are along a line from eastern Kansas northward to Wisconsin,” A FOX forecaster said. “Up to 5 inches of snow is possible, which could cause some impacts during the morning and evening commute.”

“Forecast models indicate that this snowfall will begin in eastern Kansas late Wednesday, and reach Wisconsin by Thursday afternoon,” the center explained.


Storm charges east Thursday. A fast-moving front drenches the Appalachian Mountains in the morning. Drivers on the I-95 corridor will need windshield wipers until noon.

“This rain will spread along the East Coast on Thursday before moving into the Atlantic by Friday,” the center explained. “Thunderstorms will be possible for some time in Florida on Friday as they stall across the Sunshine State. This storm system could bring about 1-2” of rain along the East Coast.

On the snowy side, Kansas City and Des Moines could see up to 3 inches of snow, while Green Bay could get up to 5 inches.


On the winter side, FOX Weather is already tracking another storm for the northern tier of states.

“A second system will move faster through the same areas Friday through Saturday, and with colder air than the first, some additional snowfall of up to 3 inches will be possible”.

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