Oakland teachers strike Day 7: Union calls district’s $1 billion common good price tag ‘ridiculous’

Oakland teachers are on their seventh day of striking, and the situation shows no signs of slowing down. The union representing Oakland teachers, the Oakland Education Association (OEA), is fighting for better pay, smaller class sizes, and more resources for students.

On the other side, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is grappling with a $30 million budget deficit and has proposed a $7.9 million pay increase for teachers over three years, which the OEA says is insufficient.

The union has called the district’s $1 billion “common good” proposal “ridiculous,” arguing that the district is not prioritizing the needs of its students. The proposal includes funding for affordable housing for teachers, nurses in every school, and a plan to double the number of counselors and school psychologists.

Teachers and their supporters have been picketing outside schools and district offices, with some educators leading classes in public spaces to draw attention to their cause. The strike has caused disruptions for families, with many scrambling to find childcare or alternate schooling options.

The OEA has received support from other unions and politicians, including Senator Kamala Harris and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who have both called for the district to offer a better deal to teachers.

This strike follows a wave of teacher strikes across the country, as educators demand better working conditions and more resources for their students. The Oakland strike is particularly significant, as it is happening in a city known for its high cost of living and growing income inequality.

As negotiations continue, the question remains: how will this strike impact the students and families of Oakland, and what will be the outcome for the teachers and the district?

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