Ontario removes capacity limit on restaurants and gyms from Monday, masking orders expire at the end of March


The Toronto-Ontario government has unveiled its long-awaited plan to slowly eliminate public health restrictions, as the COVID-19 situation in the province is balancing out.

In Friday’s announcement, and previously reported by CTV News Toronto, the province said it would eliminate capacity limitations in restaurants, fitness centers, casinos and several unavoidable indoor settings that require proof of vaccination by Monday.

“We are looking at what is working for our province,” Premier Doug Ford said at a news conference. “This is a careful plan. It will slowly uphold public health measures over time, allowing us to monitor any impacts on our hospitals and our communities. This will ensure that Ontarians and businesses can make their own plans.”

Capacity limits will continue to rise in other “high-risk” settings in the coming months, including restaurants and bars, dance facilities, nightclubs and strip clubs.

The long-term plan to manage the spread of Kovid-19 continues until January, when the province begins to eliminate vaccine certificate requirements in areas where the government considers them to be low risk.

Beginning January 17, 2022, parents will be able to organize their vaccination status without checking the status of the virus, except for “trends” in restaurants, sports facilities and casinos. Those actions will continue to ease into other settings in the coming months.

Also, on and after March 28, governments say they will eliminate all remaining public health and workplace safety measures in businesses and organizations, including the need to wear a face mask.

At the time, the Progressive Conservative government said it planned to revoke public health emergency orders made under the reopening Ontario Act and would make recommendations on where to operate the mask in such trafficking sites.

The government has said it will continue to monitor the virus trends that are spreading locally and regionally as the province returns to full restart. Some of those key indicators include new hospital and ICU admissions for Covid-19, positive rates, effective reproductive numbers and vaccination coverage rates.

If Ontario faces a rise in case numbers or hospitalization rates at the provincial or local level, the government says it is ready to reintroduce capacity limitations, proof of vaccination requirements or safety measures in public health and workplaces where transmission occurs.

“While we are optimistic about the future, the province will continue to monitor the situation very carefully and we will respond quickly to protect the health of Ontarians, if needed,” said Dr. Carroll, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario Health. Said Kieran Moore.

This is breaking news. More to come.



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