Ontario’s evidence of the need for vaccination can ultimately be voluntary for businesses: sources


TORONTO – As provincial government considers new measures to ease transactions from epidemic restrictions, evidence of Ontario’s vaccination requirements may eventually be reduced to a voluntary program.

Sources at the project say the Ford government is working on a three-step post-strategy strategy that removes the capability of transactions requiring vaccine certificates — a plan to be announced next week.

As part of the “step-by-step approach,” the government says, until the province’s pandemic image improves, the government is looking at loosening mandatory evidence of vaccine regulations.

“[We are] Sources said the plan is likely to reach a point where vaccine certificates are no longer mandatory.

Although there is no timeline for implementing that phase of the project, the source added that the vaccine certificate program is still voluntary.

Premier Ford is expected to speak this Friday, on the exit from Ontario Phase 3, a week before the implementation of the provincial proof-of-vaccination QR Code.

Ontario is in phase 3 of “Roadmap to Re Open” from July. The increase in COVID-19 cases in August prevented the province from exiting Phase 3.

Exiting step 3 of the guideline means that capacity limitations can be increased in many settings but the details of which constraints are loosened are not confirmed.

Sources said the interior mask requirements will remain in force.

In an earlier statement to CTV News Toronto on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health said Ontario had the lowest rate of active Covid-19 cases in the country.

“We are now able to see what public health measures we can take while maintaining our caution,” a ministry spokesman said.

CityViews contacted the Toronto Ford office Wednesday night but did not respond.

The lowest number of new COVID-19 cases has been reported since Wednesday in Ontario, with 306 new infections reported.

The province’s seven-day rolling continues to decrease as a result of routine infections, now reaching about 500, down from 565 the previous week.

On Saturday, Ontario lifted capacity restrictions for some large venues, such as those used for concerts, sports and movies.

The Toronto Maple Leafs held their home opener Wednesday in front of a full-fledged crowd.

Speaking to CP24 on Wednesday evening, Toronto’s health care physician said the return of the leaves was a “necessary boost” for many in the city and health restrictions meant the place was safe.

He said there were “active discussions” on whether capacity restrictions could be loosened in other areas.

The restaurant industry, which is still limited to a 50 percent capacity limit, expressed its frustration with the provincial government this week because no plans have been released to ease restrictions on their businesses.



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