Organ Trail Movie Turns Its Western Setting Into A Nightmare

The popular video game “Organ Trail” is getting a movie adaptation, and it’s set to be a horror Western. The game, which is a parody of the classic game “Oregon Trail,” was released in 2010 and has since become a cult classic.

The movie, titled “Organ Trail,” will follow a group of travelers as they make their way across the American frontier in the 1800s. However, the journey quickly takes a turn for the worse when they realize that a deadly virus is spreading across the country, turning people into flesh-eating zombies.

The film is being directed by John Geddes, known for his work on horror movies like “Exit Humanity” and “The Dead Can’t Dance.” It is produced by Michael Baker, who has worked on horror movies like “Alien Hunger” and “Abominable.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the project is that it was partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign raised over $76,000, with supporters eager to see the beloved game brought to life on the big screen.

The game “Organ Trail” was known for its humorous take on the classic “Oregon Trail” game, but the movie adaptation is taking a much darker turn. The film will be a blend of Western and horror genres, with plenty of gore and suspense to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

It’s unclear when the movie will be released, but fans of the game are already excited to see how it will translate to the big screen. With a talented director and producer on board, “Organ Trail” could be a horror Western that’s unlike anything audiences have seen before.

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