Pamela Anderson poses in nothing but Rapunzel-length hair extensions

Pamela Anderson is blocking it all.

The “Baywatch” star, 55, has been making headlines lately with the premiere of her Netflix documentary and the release of her new memoir — and now, she’s starring in a magazine interview sporting extra-long hair extensions. There is nothing. of steamy photos.

Reclining on an ivory futon, Anderson poses nude in a pair of clear pleated platform heels, her hands clasped together as if in prayer.

Her Rapunzel-worthy platinum locks – the work of hairstylist Rob Talty – drape over her bare body and cascade down to the floor.

In another photo, Anderson wears a sheer black lace Burberry catsuit with two bags on her hips and a black thong underneath; In a third, she sports a classic black turtleneck dress from the brand while licking a rainy window.

Pamela Anderson
Anderson rocked a trench coat and dramatic eye makeup in a shot featured in the interview.
Petra Collins

Elsewhere in the spread, Anderson slips into the roles of a sarcastic detective (snapping through window blinds in a tan Céline trench coat) and a particularly stylish boxer (complete with gloves to match his Vivienne Westwood minion). went.

Pamela Anderson
The “Baywatch” star dons a sexy boxer in a snapshot.
Petra Collins

Anderson — who wore an apparently “Baywatch”-inspired red dress to the premiere of her “Pamela, A Love Story” flick on Monday night — sat down for a candid interview with Ronan Farrow, about her Catholic upbringing. Everything from his new memoir was highlighted. Was his photo of the bomb shell accurate?

“I’m guilty,” she told Farrow, who asked Anderson if her “cartoon image” in pop culture was “something she was accused of”.

“I created a character, and she fed the monster,” the “Love, Pamela” author said. “So I don’t feel like a victim. I consider myself lucky.”

Discussing her appearance as a mother, Anderson said, “After taking the kids to school, I’ll grab my mirror and go, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got gloss and mascara on my cheeks.’ and people are judging me.’ But I’m judging their cars by the peanut butter sandwiches stuck on the floor. We were all a mess.”

Although she shares some wild stories in her memoir — including the fact that she didn’t take ex-husband Tommy Lee’s last name when they eloped — the actress told Farrow, “Sometimes I say That I have regrets and sometimes I don’t.”

Pamela Anderson
Anderson reminisced about her “Baywatch” bathing suit in a sleek red dress at the premiere of her Netflix doc.
Film Magic

“I just hope to encourage people who have been through a difficult time to try making lemonade with lemons,” he added.

Pamela Anderson
“Why can’t we be sexy and smart?” Anderson asked in an interview mag piece today.
Petra Collins

As for her life today, the “Chicago” actress recently revealed on Dax Shepard’s podcast that she won’t do “crazy s—t” to stop aging, adding that she’s Prefers to embrace natural beauty.

“I don’t wear makeup,” Anderson said. “I just wake up and throw on a slip and rain boots and walk across the field and into the ocean.”

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