Pamela Anderson’s Ex-BF Kelly Slater ‘Looks Forward To Watching’ Her Netflix Documentary

Appeared. Pamela Anderson Don’t burn any bridges with your ex Kelly Slater, as he said he’s looking forward to watching her new documentary, in which she admits to cheating on him! In Netflix Pamela, a love storythe icon revealed that she was dating him. Baywatch co-star/surfing legend When She Met Tommy Lee And married the rock star four days later. Despite the eventual ghosting, Kelly commented on an Instagram post about Pam and Tommy’s son’s doctor. Brandon Thomas Lee, Who produced the film? “Congrats to you guys. Looking forward to seeing you,” Kelly wrote.

Kelly Slater comments on Pamela Anderson’s son’s post about his mom’s movie. (Instagram)

In the documentary, Pamela details her wedding to the Motley Crue drummer on a beach in Cancun. “I was dating Kelly Slater at the time, and I was supposed to visit her in Florida and see her family,” she said. “My first phone call was to tell him I was married. He’s like, ‘What?!’ It was terrible.’ “

“He was actually my biggest crush. He was so sweet to me and so good to me,” she added of Kelly, before going on to talk more about their unconventional relationship. Saying that she dated Kelly all the time, Pamela explained, “We’ve been through a lot of boyfriends and a lot of girlfriends for her, but it wasn’t just me.”

He continued, “You couldn’t put your arms around him. But you don’t own anybody. Nobody owns anybody, and you just let them be who they are. Sometimes don’t be with you.” It gets better.”

Pamela Anderson said she was dating Kelly Slater when she met and married Tommy Lee. (WD/Wendell/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

Along with the movie Barb wire Starr also released a memoir. Love, Pamela, Which he said took quite a physical toll on the pen. The blonde bombshell had a few bombshells of her own in the book—eg Tim Allens reportedly glowing on set – and she admitted that revisiting them caused her body to react, resulting in a “25 pound” weight gain. “It was crazy, but I had a physical reaction to telling my story,” Pamela recalled on Wednesday. The Howard Stern Show. “It was almost like I was hanging from something, it was a protective… my inflated suit of armor.”

Although Pamela admitted that the creative process for the memoir was a difficult one, arguing that she didn’t use a past writer, the star argued that a stripped-down version of herself was a must for her true fans. It was a good barometer. “I was a mess at the time, so I liked that I peeled everything off: no makeup, nothing like that, and I thought, ‘You know what? If you like me like this— If you like me at my worst, you probably will I,'” she said.

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