Parent elected to school board leaks science curriculum that states biological sex isn’t binary

A pro-parent Arizona school board member recently elected to office has leaked and warned parents about a radical science curriculum currently being considered in the Peoria Unified School District. .

Heather Roux, an Arizona school board member, spoke about the power switch to parents speaking at board member district meetings.

“Now on the other side. I can go back and ask questions,” she said.

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Male and female chromosomes.

Within a month of being on the school board, Roux leaked a proposed textbook that would be used at the district’s high school. She said she was upset that the science curriculum discounted the reality of biological sex.

“I mean, these are kids we’re talking about. These aren’t adults making adult decisions. These are kids. So their brains aren’t fully developed yet,” Rooks said. .

According to a post by Nicole Solas of the Independent Women’s Forum, the textbook states, “The biochemical, physical, and physiological characteristics associated with ‘men’ and ‘women’ are becoming more complex than previously understood, which “There are many genes involved. We now know that sex is not a binary state, with only two fixed outcomes.”

Heather Rooks is a newly elected parent-supporting school board member in the Peoria School District in Arizona.

Heather Rooks is a newly elected parent-supporting school board member in the Peoria School District in Arizona.

“Because of the complexity of the genes and proteins involved in determining sex, there is a lot of variation. Some people are born with intermediate sex characteristics, or even physical characteristics that match a person’s sense of their own sex. (‘transgender individuals’) gender determination is an active area of ​​research that should yield a more sophisticated understanding in the coming years.”

Roux blasted the book for pushing an agenda on children, specifically targeting the idea of ​​male and female.

“I don’t think it should be in front of kids,” she said.

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There are other examples of science being integrated with radical ideas.

An “intersectional climate scientist” with a doctoral degree – Dr. Chandler Purity – refutes the idea of ​​objective science.

“I often get called out for my takeaways and my views for being subjective. When the truth is, we’re all being subjective. But white people ignore the fact that they’re being subjective. Because they’re normal. The baseline — because their subjectivity is normalized,” he said.

Climate scientist Dr. Chandler Purity

Climate scientist Dr. Chandler Purity

Minnesota Science Teacher in St. Paul Public Schools District Lessons in lambsted cell biology, specifically to contain the mitochondrion “Capitalist” Propagandafound.

Science teacher claims cell biology is part of 'capitalist thinking'.

Science teacher claims cell biology is part of ‘capitalist thinking’.
(Encyclopedia Britannica/UIG Via Getty Images | TikTok/Screenshot)

Jung went on to provide a “perfect example” of this “Capitalistic Tendency” This is reflected in seventh grade science classes.

“Seventh Grade Science… [is] The years when you learn that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and the lifeblood of that entire cell. So at the end of the unit, I have [students] Take a test. And a question is ‘A person says that the nucleus is the most important organelle in a cell. Do you agree or disagree, and why?”

“And almost every kid says, ‘Yes, I do. Because without a boss, the cell would be total chaos.'”

Jung added Student Answers “cracks me up” and went on to claim that microscopic bacteria were “the original anarchists”.

A teacher in Mandijung, Minnesota, previously admitted to giving students a gender identity survey.

A teacher in Mandijung, Minnesota, previously admitted to giving students a gender identity survey.
(iStock | Screenshot/TikTok)

“Bacteria don’t have a nucleus, and they’re one of the most successful classes of organisms on the planet. Here bacteria are the real anarchists, right? No nucleus, no master. Grab the sources of metabolism. I It doesn’t. It’s funny to me,” he said.

In addition, A Professor of Colorado Said that astrophysics is steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy.

Natalie Gosnell, a professor Physics at Colorado Collegeseeks to take an unconventional approach to teaching physics by interpreting it through the lens of race.

“Both artists and scientists are just observing things about the world, making interpretations about those observations, and then sharing that interpretation,” Gosnell told Colorado College News.

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