Pat Sajak responds to a Wheel of Fortune contestant’s strange hobby

Pat Sajak didn’t give a GOAT answer to a Wheel of Fortune contestant who revealed his lucrative hobby on Monday’s episode of the game show.

The 76-year-old host was getting to know the contestants when he was approached by a woman named Laura, who, interestingly enough, milked her three goats to make her own soap and earned nearly $92,000.

“Do you milk a goat? And you – wait, – asked Sajak, referring to his cards. “Milk – goat’s milk soup? Not soup, but soap!”

“Goat’s milk soap,” Laura assured. “It must be great for your skin. It’s really moisturizing. We milk three goats every night.”

Sajak, who has hosted the show for 41 years, couldn’t find any follow-up questions or sharp answers, so he just sat back and said, “Okay, okay.”

It’s just the latest awkward moment for fans to add to the growing list of his on-air behavior. In October, Sajak hit out at a contestant who failed to solve “one of the easiest final puzzles.” He came under fire on social media in April for his “#MeToo” remarks against 65-year-old letter writer Vanna White.

Earlier in March, Sajak was found to be “cold-blooded” towards a contestant who, in an introductory interview, said the player cut off his big toe.

Contestant Laura won over $92,000 to take home to her goats
Pat Sajak couldn’t find an intelligent answer to the contestant’s fun fact.

All of this has fans suspecting that Sajak is more focused on retirement than Wheel of Fortune. He said “Last night’s entertainment“The end is nigh” for his last spin in September.

“We are nearing the end. It’s been a long time [time]. We won’t do it for another 40 years,” he explained.

White also addressed the idea of ​​Sajak leaving the show In an interview with People.

“I don’t even want to think about it. I mean, we are one team,” he said. “It’s depressing. I don’t even want to think about it.

Vanna White, 65, and Pat Sajak, 76, may be nearing retirement.

“I can’t imagine. Everyone associates Wheel of Fortune with Pat and Vanna,” White added. “We’re like Ken and Barbie, you know? “We’ve been in everyone’s house for 40 years, so it would be weird if someone turned in my letters.”

It is unclear whether Sajak and White will retire together.

The Post has reached out to White’s representatives for comment.


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