Pataki, the former governor of New York, returned to Ukraine with heating devices and called for more US aid

Former Gov. George Pataki delivered high-powered heaters to Ukraine last week — and is calling on the Biden administration to step up. US aid To the people at war with Russia.

“Every time we go, we hope to see such a large amount of aid in Ukraine,” Pataki told The Post during a call from Hungary.

“They need more.”

The former New York leader said he took matters into his own hands and traveled to Ukraine with Earl Mack, ambassador of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. fifth trip to the country.

The pair led a delegation that delivered 15 large industrial-sized heaters, each capable of serving 10 families, thanks to ACF donations and support from the George Pataki Leadership Center.

“We will continue to help the people of Ukraine as much as we can. “The federal government has provided billions in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but this is our fifth trip to Ukraine since the war began and we have not seen a dime of US humanitarian aid,” he said.

Former Governor George Pataki
Former governor George Pataki delivered high-powered heaters to Ukraine last week.
President of the Ukrainian American Football League (ULAF) Yuriy Hundich (right) received American lawyer and politician, former governor of New York George Pataky.
President of the American Football League of Ukraine Yury Khundich congratulated Pataki.

The Biden administration has allocated more than $18 billion in general aid packages to Ukraine.

In a statement to The Post Sunday night, the Homeland Security spokesman said more than 1,000 generators had been delivered to Ukraine from the U.S. government.

“The United States has provided $1.5 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine since February, including more than $250 million in heating fuel, generators, shelter repair materials and blankets. for winter preparations for the distribution of forms,” ​​said the press secretary.

There is in Russia purposeful Ukraine’s power grid is experiencing frequent blackouts and nationwide power outages. Pataki said he decided to make the trip to deliver the heaters after speaking with Ukrainian officials, including Olena Zelenska, the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Pataki said the group had to change its schedule because of a power outage on Thursday at the Lujanka border between Ukraine and Hungary. He said air raid sirens sounded as he tried to cross.

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Governor Pataki

The former governor decided to travel to deliver the heaters.

Governor Pataki

Fifteen large industrial-scale heating units each have the capacity to serve up to 10 families.

George Pataki

Pataki has been helping Ukrainian refugees with temporary housing in Hungary.

The group met with Hungarian Consul General in Ukraine Aleksandra Csizmadia and traveled to Berehove, Ukraine to hand over the donated generators and returned to the US on Friday.

Pataki has been helping Ukrainian refugees find temporary housing in Hungary, where his parents are from.

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