Peaty Williams is fast tracking to the WWE Backstage Producer System


WWE brought Peaty Williams as a producer and they are learning the ropes backstage. The company seems to see a lot in him, as Williams is currently fast-tracking his backstage system.

It was previously reported that Peaty Williams was listed as backstage producer for Xavier Woods against Roman Reigns on SmackDown. This was an interesting position, as Michael Hayes was the point guy for all the Reigns matches.

LOVEBYLIFE News It is understood that Michael Hayes is actually the producer of Xavier Woods against Roman Reigns. Peaty Williams was listed on the Run Sheet as a shade for Hayes.

We were told, “Peaty Williams is shadowing Michael and the other producers to track the system faster.” As they learn the way WWE works, they continue to give shade to various producers and they are giving them every opportunity they can to learn the job.

Peaty Williams is largely not a shadow of a producer, as the company is keeping him in motion at a rapid pace. This shows WWE what kind of pro wrestling Williams has in mind and what they want to use.

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November 14, 2021 8:48 am

H Jenkins

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