People think my baby is wearing a wig – but he was just born with Beatles hair

People are braiding this baby’s hair.

The tiny tot with the gorgeous hair is regularly mistaken for wearing a wig, with some saying he could be ‘one of the Beatles’.

Adam Civils, 11, was born at 3 months old with cute curls that grew so fast he could tie his hair into a ponytail, his mom Rachel Civils said.

In public, passers-by bombard the 31-year-old with questions about what vitamins she took while pregnant and whether her hair is real or not.

The toddler’s “out of control” hair leaves him with “bad hair” every morning, he joked, adding that even his fine long hair “makes bald, middle-aged men very jealous”.

Adam’s wavy bob is regularly compared to the Beatles’ signature hairstyle.
Kennedy News and Media
The Beatles
He bears an uncanny resemblance to the Beatles.
Bettmann Archive

“Not even bald middle-aged men, but girls, mothers, including me. I would love to have her hair. I would take it in a heartbeat,” the doting mom told Kennedy News. “People ask if it’s a wig and I say, ‘Yeah, I put a wig on my kid,’ but I’m just kidding, of course not. Q.”

After regularly blindfolding her son’s shoulders, Rachel is ordering Adam’s first haircut this month when he celebrates his first birthday, despite pleas from people to “never cut it”.

“We had people admire her hair on the street. “I usually get people saying, ‘Beatles hair,’ or ‘Oh, he could be one of the Beatles,'” said Rachel of Temecula, California. “Then I get questions like: ‘Was he born with that much hair?’ What did you do when you were pregnant with him? Have you taken any vitamins?’

Baby Adam
Adam was born with a full head of hair and amazingly kept it all.

But she was not used to such attention to her children – she claimed that none of her other children had such a full head. Her 2-year-old daughter, Catherine, was born completely bald and didn’t grow much hair until she was 1.

“When he was born, he came out with a full head of hair and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve never seen a baby with so much hair,'” she said. “Everyone was shocked, but all my friends and family :” It’s beautiful, but it loses it and then comes back in a different way.”

He doesn’t make bed every morning, Rachel said.
Kennedy News and Media
Rachel and Adam on the beach
The little tot is always stunning with his hair, catching the eye of anyone who walks by.
Kennedy News and Media

Adam’s resilient follicles never faded – his hair was “growing longer and longer” by the day, prompting others to ask if his hair was “crazier than it used to be”.

“We make buns every day to keep people out of their faces and eyes,” Rachel said. “Now I have to cut her bangs and her face a few times because she can’t see her face covered.”

The mother must tie her hair in a ponytail so that it does not fall into her eyes.
Kennedy News and Media

Whenever he wakes up with a hard mattress, Rachel sprays him with water and brushes his face, he said.

“If we don’t clean it up, it’s going to be kind of a disaster,” he said of the “out-of-control” locks. “It’s inherently chaotic. He wakes up and it seems like he’s pointing in different directions every morning.

People ask if her hair is real, Rachel said, often thinking it’s a wig.
Kennedy News and Media
But the boy’s hair is natural, says Rachel.
Kennedy News and Media

The whole family loves Adam’s wild mane and they “embrace” him, Rachel said.

“I think when she’s 1, we’re going to cut it short and have a little bit of a cuter look. But we’re going to keep the long hair look, which I think suits her,” she admitted. longer locks make her look more “girly”.

“That’s what makes him unique, that’s his thing.”


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