Pep Guardiola has announced further work details as urban exit plots


It is quite refreshing to hear. Perhaps because of the relative position that we play football manager, in charge of the club, you can tell what kind of challenge you want.

Often, you don’t hear managers talk openly about what they plan to do with their future. As we all know, this is a cut-throat business and brings extra pressure with every match.

For Pep Guardiola, he has mastered the art of management, so perhaps he has earned this right. It is good to take Barnsley out of your bedroom to the heights of Premier League glory, win a lot in Barcelona and have a sparkling spell in Bayern Munich in his CV in real life. His current legacy is secured in Manchester City, but not completely and all of this is interesting based on the time limit he has set for the rest of his seasons at Citizens.

Speaking at XP Investment Event Globo, Guardiola set the ideal stage for the next phase of his highly successful management career, when he announced that he would leave the Eastlands when his current contract expires in the summer of 2023.

“I must take a break after seven years (in Manchester City)

What is highlighted by Guardiola’s quotes is that they have already visualized themselves in some competitions. When the manager was unfamiliar with us explaining these things, when it happened, it was a person’s own country but the 50-year-old hadn’t ruled out managing on a different continent.

“I want to train for the European Championships, the Copa America, the World Cup. I need this experience.”

Imagine him conquering Brazil or a country of lesser fame in pursuit of ultimate glory. Restoring the domination of Spain. This is an exciting prospect to consider.

Under his guidance, Manchester City have won three Premier League titles, one FA Cup and four League Cups. The Champions League title is the ultimate goal for all you think. The city may find it difficult to travel to Europe since Harry Kane was not awarded a prize by Tottenham this summer.

Predicting Erling Holland at Manchester City in Tuvu for 2022-23 is not out of the realm, but for Guardiola’s last dance in the Champions League title hunt at Sky Blue.



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