Philadelphia violence ‘off the charts,’ says lead agent hired to protect local gas station

The lead agent for SITE, an organization hired by a North Philadelphia gas station owner after a series of burglaries and illegal activity on his property, says there is no political will in Pennsylvania’s largest city. – crime control.

Chief Andre Boyer, who leads a group of armed former law enforcement officers, told Fox News on Tuesday that Neal Patel, the owner of a Carco gas station in Philadelphia, has a crime scene on his doorstep.

Boyer said crime has dropped significantly since then with his agents patrolling the property along the city’s main north-south artery between the North Philadelphia Amtrak station and Temple University Hospital.

“A lot of people didn’t understand why we were here,” he said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” “The next week when people realized what happened here, a lot of people got on board and they said, ‘Hey, I love coming here.'”


Boyer added that a woman who identified herself as the manager of a local Wawa told him that she wanted her team to participate at her store. According to him, SITE is not conventional security, which is described as officers who must call official law enforcement agencies in response to a crime.

“We’re a Pennsylvania state agent … We take action. We can make arrests,” he said. “And if this man commits a crime with my client, he will be arrested. And if I have to use force, I will use force.”

In a recent incident, a car pulled up and a suspect or suspects jumped out with a wheelbarrow and drove off Patel’s MAC, reported host Jesse Watters, who agreed that crime in Boyer’s hometown is out of control.

“Philadelphia is now off the hook,” Boyer said, blaming in part the lack of prosecutorial discretion of Soros-connected Democratic District Attorney Lawrence Krasner.


Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner reacts to Danielle Outlaw announcing her as the new police commissioner at a press conference on December 30, 2019.
((Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images))

“Statistically, 62 percent of robberies, burglaries, and major carjackings happen at the pump,” said Boyer and Patel, who is involved in illegal drug-related business. added that the activity was widespread until he hired SITE.

A lack of political action from City Hall and Krasner’s office is to blame for much of what’s happening in North Philadelphia and beyond, Boyer said.

“We have Uncle Larry, who’s a DA who’s not a DA. He works like a social worker,” he said. “When we elected him to office, we wanted him to be a prosecutor. We didn’t want someone who was going to be ‘Kumbaya.’ That’s what his office says … his door says, “Prosecutor.”’

“You have a mayor who will do the same thing,” Boyer said of Democrat James Kenney. “For four years, we listened to them come to town hall meetings and tell us, ‘Oh, we came up with a great idea.’ We spend $2.5 million to do this and do that. And we give it to this program to help kids make t-shirts. We’re going to give it to this program that clears the block.”

“None of this has anything to do with violent crime. Nothing to do with guns on the street. None of this has anything to do with anything. [related to] taking guns off the street.”

Boyer said the city of Philadelphia would be better off directing money to organizations like his instead of focusing efforts once again on the crime wave.

According to Watters, “Jesse Watters Primetime” will be available to Krasner, as well as to Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa. and wife Gisele for comment, but did not hear back from the trio by airtime.

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