Photo: Yair Rodriguez reveals leg swollen after fight with Max Holloway at UFC Vegas 42


Yair Rodriguez returned to action at UFC Vegas 42 last Saturday and appeared in the ‘Fight of the Year’ contest with Max Holloway. His performance was real, as ‘El Pantera’ used his heavy kicks to cut legs and work on the body of ‘Blessed’, but that technique came at a price.

The fight went away and Holloway was declared the winner by unanimous decision. Despite Rodriguez’s defeat, he was still praised for his efforts against the former Featherweight champion, especially after battling a deadly foot injury. As former UFC champion color commentator Michael Bisping enters the Octagon, Rodriguez is caught by his coach as he conducts post-fight interviews with both fighters.

There was not much time to reveal the cause as Bisping immediately showed his right foot, which was now incredibly swollen. Bisping asked Rodriguez about it and he had a simple, but adequate response.

“What’s it like when you’re a kicker, Howdy?” He said Rodrigues.

Rodriguez was taken to the hospital and quickly went on to post a fight, not only to show his foot on Instagram Live. The foot was a balloon and had blue and purple bruises. Rodriguez has not yet revealed the severity of the injury and whether additional medical care is needed, such as surgery.

“Thank you all for being here for me and for my family,” Rodriguez said Damon Martin of MMA Fighting) “I’m f-ing f-ed up right now. I don’t know what I’m saying. I just want to say, it was a fantastic fight. Go on guys. Thank you.”

Rodriguez suffered a similar injury in his previous fight against Chan Sung Jung (known as ‘The Korean Zombie’) in UFC Fight Night: The Korean Zombie vs. Rodrigues nearly three years ago. The 29-year-old delivered a spectacular knockout with an upward elbow in the final second of the fight, but his right foot looks bad for wear after kicking Jung for five rounds. It was swollen, but not broken and Rodriguez TMZ told Sports The crutches had to be used for a while.

Rodriguez is now in the back-to-back ‘Fight of the Night’ award-winning games. Prior to the match against Holloway, he was on ESPN: Reyes vs. Weidman replayed Jeremy Stephens in the UFC and made a unanimous decision. The No. 3-ranked Featherweight contestant is now 2-1-1 in his last four.


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