Piers Morgan ‘traumatised’ by ‘Harry and Meghan’ using his voice on Netflix show

Piers Morgan isn’t happy about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s unwitting appearance in the Netflix documentary trailer.

an outspoken speaker of “Piers Morgan is uncensoredOn Fox Nation — she’s also a columnist for The Post — she can be heard saying of Markle in the show’s new trailer, released Monday, that “she’s becoming a royal rock star.”

The sound comes at a time when Markle has been positively received by the British public – before she and Harry wed in 2018, according to members of the royal family, “everything has changed”.

“WATCH: Princess Pinocchio and Prince Charming are using my voice to promote their terrifying new series. I’m hurt by this exploitation,” said Morgan, 57, who was outraged. tweeted Along with a teaser video for the December 8 episode.

“They told another lie in the first Harry Potter paparazzi trailer. These two don’t know the truth when they slap their latte-covered tiaras,” he said. added in a separate tweet from the couple.

“You are part of the problem!!! Do us all a favor and shut that mouth up!” “Big Brother” alum Josea Flores tweeted Morgan.

“I’m glad, Jossie! BLOCKED,” Morgan was quoted as tweeting in response.

Piers Morgan, 57, tweeted his displeasure at being included in the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming documentary series Harry and Meghan.
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Morgan has long been one of Markle’s fiercest critics. She constantly tweets about the Los Angeles-born mother of two Good Morning Britain quit After Markle was asked to apologize in 2021 for saying she didn’t believe Oprah Winfrey when she said it he had suicidal thoughts.

In fact, he’ll be giving his take on their upcoming documentary on Monday night “Piers Morgan is uncensored.”

The upcoming series is said to be a bombshell about the royal family and the British public. Monday’s trailer included Harry’s claim that stories about Markle had been “planted” as part of the family’s “war on Meghan”.

Prince Harry says the royal family has launched a ‘war on Meghan’.
Harry and Meghan in an even more exciting scene from the Netflix documentary series.
Harry and Meghan in an even more exciting scene from the Netflix documentary series.

“It’s about race,” he said of his bride.

“Nobody knows the whole truth. We know the full truth,” he added, adding to the suspense.

“Harry and Meghan” will be split into two parts on Netflix. Volume 1 will arrive on December 8th and Volume 2 will arrive on December 15th.


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