Possible debris from Chinese spy flight spotted in Carolinas, police ask residents to report more

Debris from a possible Chinese spy balloon has been spotted off the coast of South Carolina, and police are asking area residents to report other possible sightings.

Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, instructed residents not to touch the wreckage but to immediately report to police via non-emergency numbers. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are already working to recover the downed balloon, but officials have warned that some may slip away.

Debris recovered from the area will be sent to Quantico for FBI analysis.

“Please be advised that we are aware of a balloon crash over the ocean near our city. The pieces of the balloon are being collected by the US military however it is possible that some of the pieces may have washed ashore. NC’s in the area but may wash ashore at NMB. If any fragments are present please contact your local law enforcement agency for collection,” North Myrtle Beach Police wrote this weekend.

“Debris should not be touched, moved or removed. Such items are part of a federal investigation and tampering with them may interfere with that investigation,” police added.

Trump, top national security officials deny claims that Chinese spy balloons were transferred to us under the last admin.

Photos from Myrtle Beach show members of the U.S. military moving part of a downed balloon at a local boat ramp.

US intel flies Chinese spy balloons into US multiple times, ‘undetectable’: senior admin official

However, US authorities have not yet confirmed that they have recovered any part of the balloon.

The possible debris is from a Chinese spy balloon shot off the coast of South Carolina. (Facebook/Brady Deal)

The US military put several Navy and Coast Guard ships on alert before shooting down the balloon. Recovery efforts began later in the week and continued through Sunday, with divers facing few obstacles aside from frigid water temperatures.

US Navy and Coast Guard ships arrived at the site where the balloon hit the water on Saturday before a cordon was established around the area. Pentagon officials say the recovery effort is expected to be relatively easy because the depth is less than 50 feet, but it could still take days.

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