Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a gala hosted by Alec Baldwin in New York

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be honored as British royalty at a charity gala hosted by actor Alec Baldwin in Manhattan on Tuesday night. brackets for their explosive Netflix series.

The controversial couple arrived in New York City Monday in a private jet They were greeted by friends on the sidewalk before setting up camp at the luxe Carlyle Hotel in Midtown.

Their visit to New York comes as Netflix plans to pull the plug on the premiere of Harry and Meghan on Thursday – in which Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, “claim they were abused by the palace”. Sources told Page Six about it.

The couple is set to attend the Wave of Hope Awards Gala at the Hilton, which starts at 6 p.m.

The event is hosted by the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, which honors former royals as Wave of Hope laureates, recognizing “exemplary leaders who have demonstrated commitment to government, business, advocacy and entertainment.” honor to be given” focused on social change and sought to protect and promote equality, justice and human rights. Previous recipients have included President Barack Obama.

Baldwin, who last year accidentally shot and killed 42-year-old Rust cinematographer Halina Hutchins, will attend the event.

The couple’s hit series premieres Thursday on Netflix.
Sipa USA via AP

Harry’s older brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton, visited Boston last week.

A source with knowledge of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series told Page Six that the couple will “discuss how they feel their best interests are not being represented at the palace and that they are victims of the palace media machine.”

But a former adviser to the late Queen Elizabeth and other royals has warned the couple against attracting any kind of press attention – and revealed Harry fears Meghan will suffer the same fate as her late mother Princess Diana . A car accident while running away from the paparazzi.

A photo of Prince Harry and Meghan on the couch, with Meghan crying.
The couple apparently claim they were “intimidated” by the palace in the Netflix documentary.

“I met Diana for the first time three days ago [her] wedding I knew Diana until she died. I worked with him and for him for five years. There was a time when he took the press to court” Dickey Arbiter told TalkTV.

“Harry said he didn’t want what happened to Diana to happen to Meghan. A lot of the blame was on Diana,” she said.

“He went out of his way to talk [the press] private,” added the former adviser.

In the trailer for the documentary, Harry said he was “appalled” by the press coverage of Meghan.

“I didn’t want history to repeat itself,” he said.


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