Prince Harry’s mystery ‘older woman’ first lover comes forward, confirms romp

A former housekeeper for King Charles has described herself as the “old” woman who took Prince Harry’s maiden name.

Sasha Walpole, now 40 and just two years older than Harry, said that when she was 19 in the summer of 2001, The Sun Reported

“It was literally a whirlwind between two friends,” Walpole said.

The incident took place in a field behind a pub where the two were drinking while celebrating Walpole’s birthday. According to the report, they downed alcohol, Baileys and sambuca shells and went outside to smoke.

They walked through a beer garden and climbed a fence into a field.

Walpole said Harry wore boxers and had no conversation or words. Afterwards, they went their separate ways to go back to the pub and, although they had only been gone for a few minutes, the prince’s security team was looking for him.

He said a friend drove by with one of the guards to find Harry, who was in a phone booth down the street.

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According to Walpole, the two reportedly had a fling in 2001.

Prince Harry, then Prince Charles

Harry reportedly had a night out with his father’s ex-worker while they were in a pub.


Prince Harry, the younger

Walpole is only two years older than Prince Harry.


“I didn’t know Harry was a bachelor at the time. Then it kind of dawned on me that maybe he was,” Walpole said, adding that the young prince never had a girlfriend that she knew of.

Harry was two months shy of his 17th birthday at the time. Walpole worked in the stables at his father’s residence, Highgrove, and said the two young men were “fellows”.

The identity of Harry’s lover became a guessing game after the prince described his first time with an older woman as a “traumatic affair” in his bombshell new memoir “Spear”.

“She was very fond of horses, and treated me no differently than a young horse,” he wrote.

“A fast ride, after which he hit my rump and sent me to graze,” she wrote.

Walpole said he did not mind the “rude” description.

Prince Harry's book
Harry wrote about the trust in his latest controversial memoir.
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“It wasn’t that great. We were drunk and having sex in a field,” she said. “It will never be brilliant.”

Walpole, now a mother of two who drives excavators, said she had not seen Harry since that night and never planned to publicize the meeting.

“I’ve kept it a secret for 21 years. I never would have said anything if he hadn’t put it in his book,” she said. “I have to say it in my own words.”

Speculation about the identity of Harry’s potential lover includes Susanna Harvey, a former model and CEO of England’s Cotswold Airport. Harvey once described a steamy confrontation with Harry at a Christmas ball.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley denied she was the prince’s lover after rumors swirled that she was the mystery woman.

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