‘Pro-life Spider-man’ stuns Super Bowl attendees with 40-story climb

Pro-life protesters shocked a Super Bowl crowd in Phoenix on Tuesday, free climbing a 40-story building in a dangerous stunt.

Maison DesChamps is in police custody after scaling the south side of the building without ropes or safety equipment. He live-streamed the climb on his Instagram account under the handle “prolife.spiderman,” saying he was trying to raise awareness and money for anti-abortion causes.

The building, formerly known as the Chase Tower, is the tallest building in the city, although it closed in 2018 and remains vacant. According to 12 News. It is located in downtown Phoenix, about 15 miles from State Farm Stadium, the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl 2023.

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DesChamps’ 40-story climb was captured on camera by several media outlets.

Maison DesChamps livestreamed the climb to the top of the Chase Tower in Phoenix.

Maison DesChamps livestreamed the climb to the top of the Chase Tower in Phoenix.


Maison des Champs


DesChamps’ climb began just before 10 a.m. MST and ended about an hour later. Authorities caught him as he reached the top of the building. Phoenix Fire Department told ABC15 “He was a professional climber and his intention was to make it to the top of the building,” she said.

“This is not the place or the time to do this,” PFD Captain Todd Keller told 12 News. “It’s extremely dangerous.”

It is not yet known what charges DesChamps faces.

The 22-year-old has used his climbing prowess for attention before, climbing the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas to protest against COVID-19 restrictions. In 2022, he climbed the Salesforce building in San Francisco and hung banners on the New York Times building.

DesChamps’ latest ascent is sure to garner some attention, with the 2023 Super Bowl set for Sunday at State Farm Stadium. Thousands of visitors descend on the city ahead of the showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, and there are countless news outlets in town covering the game and the events surrounding it.

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