Prosecutors for the accused Sheffield cop killer try to limit media access to the trial


An attorney for a man accused of killing a Sheffield police officer and a longtime friend has filed a motion to block any broadcasting, recording or photography and to prevent participants from commenting or releasing them to the media.

41-year-old Brian Lansing Martin was charged with three counts of attempted murder, two counts of attempted murder, two counts of shooting to an occupied vehicle and one possession of a firearm in connection with the October 1 shooting.

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Martin Sargent has been charged with murder. US Army veteran Nick Risner and William Meilback Jr., who joined forces in Sheffield eight years ago, entered the police after Martin was shot in his own car before a firefight. Sheffield police Lt. Max Dotson was charged with attempted murder in connection with the injury. Datsun is suing Brian Lansing Martin for $ 375,000 in damages.

In a motion filed before Colbert County District Judge Chad Coker, Rebecca Green Thompson, representing Martin, said lawyers and prosecutors would be barred from participating in court proceedings without making statements to the media. The motion argues that such statements may tarnish the pool of potential juries.

“The proceedings of this case have received widespread publicity, many of which are inaccurate, false, speculative and inflammatory,” the additional motion calls for a ban on photography, broadcasting or recording court proceedings.

Other moves call for recording and transcribing all court proceedings, including preliminary hearings, and asserting Martin’s right to attend all court proceedings.

Coker has not ruled on any motions yet.

Martin’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 3. He is being held at the Morgan County Jail.


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