Rain, Flood and Soil Decline: Images and Video by BC


TORONTO – A severe storm hitting the west coast has left a trail of destruction and chaos in British Columbia, with floods, mudslides and evacuation orders issued to try to ensure public safety.

Officials evacuated the entire Merritt City when the floodwaters “sank” the bridges and shut down the local sewage treatment plant.

Torrential rains caused the slopes, floods, and rocks to collapse, and the forced highway between BC’s Lower Mainland and Southern Interior was closed, leaving some homes in Merritt overnight. An extended evacuation order was issued shortly after 10 a.m. local time, forcing members of the nearby Nicola Valley community to leave the area.

Tens of thousands of homes in the Okanagan-Similkameen district were evacuated Sunday night, and landslides and flooding hit Abbotsford City, causing many roads to be cut off as a result of the weather.

Thousands of residents of Vancouver Island and the South Gulf Islands were without power Monday, as trees were cut off by falling trees and flooding.

Due to safety concerns around road and bank instability, boats and public transit routes have been canceled and parts of the provinces have been shut down, with highways closed.

Photos and videos from across the province show the magnitude of the storm after some areas were raining and evacuation orders were being issued.



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