Randy Orton says he’s not the one to track records that break in the WWE


Randy Orton has been a true veteran of the pro wrestling world as he competed in Squared Circle for nearly two decades. He has earned the respect of fans and fellow WWE superstars and is viewed as a proper locker room leader. It looks like they will soon achieve a couple of impressive milestones in the WWE.

Randy Orton will definitely be inducted into the WWE Hall of Famer once he hangs his shoes on. Many fans wonder what they will do when Orton retires from in-ring action.

As previously reported, Randy Orton is now set to achieve the company’s most impressive milestone in the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Not only that, he is set to break another record in the upcoming episode of RAW on Monday night.

Randy Orton took to Twitter and commented that in a series of tweets, he broke two big WWE records. Orton mentioned that they were lucky enough to track their stats.

At first, it was laughable to think that you had ‘wins’ and ‘losers’ in my career. You certainly wouldn’t talk about it with lesser guys with guys. Not just wins and losses, but damn near everything you can think of!

By coincidence at RAW the next night, if I had a match, I would have more matches than anyone in history at RAW. I’ve seen it online, checked it out and it’s true … hard to believe, because I only started on OVW yesterday. I would like to spend some time in the light of these ‘statistics’ and let them know that I am grateful to everyone who has supported me in any way. I know from my heart that I cannot do it without you. Now on to my 15th Survivor Series … Man Time Flies? #WWE # Survivor Series #Raw, ”

Randy Orton has plenty left in the tank to compete in high-level matches in the coming years. Waiting to see how many more records are broken in the company by retirement.

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November 20, 2021 7:14 am


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