Rapper Kodak Black is completing a rehabilitation period while handing over 5,000 turkeys to South Florida families


Kodak Black is not allowing rehabilitation to thwart his efforts this holiday season.

The 24-year-old South Florida rapper, whose real name is Bill Cupri and his team, has distributed more than 5,000 turkeys, according to his lawyer. TMZ On Wednesdays.

According to the outlet, the Black team hired trucks to get frozen chickens to those in need. Turkey Drive made seven stops in three days to the Sistrunk and Sunland neighborhoods, and Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami, Miami’s Little Haiti and Golden Acres.

Black has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for lying about documents he used to buy weapons at a Miami gun store that President Trump switched to on his last day in office. He had served half of his sentence.

Rapper Kodak pleads not guilty to charges of black weapons

Kodak Black handed over 5,000 turkeys to families in need, albeit currently in rehab.
(Photo by Jason Mendez)

Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, was once a contestant on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” show.

The rapper has a rooted record of philanthropic efforts in his Florida community.

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The apology noted that at the time, Black schoolchildren had paid for school supplies, supplies for the daycare centers and food for the hungry, and donated $ 50,000 to restaurants in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Kodak Block is currently completing a 90-day rehabilitation period.

Kodak Block is currently completing a 90-day rehabilitation period.
(Photo by Mike Coppola)

Black has sold over 30 million singles since 2014 and has a number of multiplatinum and platinum-certified singles, including “Zeze,” “No Flockin ‘” and “Roll in Peace.”

Cohen did not immediately respond to LBL Digital’s request for comment.

Tyler McCarthy of LBL contributed to this report.


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