Rare and unheard demos, songs and live tracks by The Prodigy unearthed online

The people behind a website have discovered many rare and unheard demos, songs, and live tracks from The Prodigy.

website, All Prodi.gy gifts are here.Features a database of “live only” tracks, “rare studio tracks”, “side projects”, “samples”, “promo and rare releases”, “unreleased and unheard” and more – all on SoundCloud , are available to listen to via YouTube. and Vimeo.

Music treasures include a studio cover of The Specials’ hit ‘Ghost Town’, an alternate video for ‘Take Me To The Hospital’, a rare VI for Big Kahn & The Plastic Jam’s 1997 track ‘Made In 2′ P mix included. Minutes, and a live cover of Madness’ ‘Night Boat To Cairo’.

Along with the music, the website also collects setlists from The Prodigy’s early live shows and interviews with band members, as well as album and touring art and design.

The Prodigy
The Prodigy Live, 2022 (Photo: Anthony Mooney / Press)

According to the website’s team page, All gifts “The unique project of five professionals working in different directions, yet closely connected in one way or another with the music industry.”

“We pooled our resources to create a new website with a variety of rare information as it was cutting edge in the early 2000s,” it continued. “On our website, exclusive and highly reliable information about the great band that has become of general interest in recent years is collected bit by bit.”

The prodigy embarked on their first tour since the death of frontman Keith Flint last year, who died by suicide in March 2019.

They are set to headline EXIT 2023, co-founded by The Prodigy’s own Liam Howlett. The Serbian festival will honor Flint with a special laser projection of the late musician that will be shown during the band’s set.

Prodigy will also be seen on Parklife and Mad Cool this summer.

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