Recap of AI announcements, Pixel Fold, PaLM 2 and more updates

The tech world has been buzzing with the latest announcements and updates from some of the biggest players in the industry. Here’s a recap of some of the most exciting developments:

Pixel Fold: Google’s rumored foldable smartphone has been making headlines for months, and it seems like we might finally get to see it soon. A recent report suggests that the Pixel Fold will be released later this year, featuring a 7.6-inch foldable OLED display from Samsung.

PaLM 2: Facebook’s AI research team has unveiled a new language model, PaLM 2, that promises to revolutionize natural language processing. According to the team, PaLM 2 can perform tasks like question answering, language translation, and summarization with unprecedented accuracy, making it a major breakthrough in AI research.

Microsoft Mesh: Microsoft has announced the launch of its new mixed-reality platform, Microsoft Mesh, which allows users to interact with each other and virtual objects in a shared space. The platform can be accessed via virtual and augmented reality devices, and promises to redefine the way we collaborate and communicate in a post-pandemic world.

Apple Fitness+: Apple’s popular fitness platform is getting a major upgrade with the addition of new workout types and features, including guided meditation, pilates, and cycling workouts that can be paired with the Apple Watch. The new features will be available later this year.

Nvidia Omniverse: Nvidia has announced the release of its new 3D collaboration platform, Nvidia Omniverse, which allows designers and engineers to work together in real-time on complex 3D models. The platform is expected to revolutionize the way teams collaborate on projects, and has already been adopted by major players like BMW and Ericsson.

Overall, these announcements and updates highlight the rapid pace of innovation and development in the tech industry, and give us a glimpse of the exciting new technologies and products that we can expect to see in the near future. As AI, mixed-reality, and collaboration platforms continue to evolve, the possibilities for new and transformative applications are truly endless.

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