Rep. Wesley Hunt blasts Democrats for crying wolf about racism during border hearing: ‘Nothing to do with’ it

During Wednesday’s border hearing on Capitol Hill, Democrat Ranking Member Jerry Nadler claimed in his opening remarks that “the first hearing will expose the racist tendencies of the extreme MAGA Republican wing of the party to block the border for refugees from places like Cuba. Wants to stop. Venezuela.” Democrats’ accusations at the GOP-sponsored hearing sparked outrage among border security advocates, including Rep. Wesley Hunt. The Texas congressman responded on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, blasting Democrats for crying wolf over racism over an issue that has “absolutely nothing to do with race.”

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Representative. Wesley Hunt: Can’t quite believe it, because it has absolutely nothing to do with race. And we were talking about fentanyl, and in my opinion, fentanyl doesn’t even care about race. When you see what Happening on our border., you see what’s happening with human trafficking here in Houston, Texas, where I’m the Congressman for the 38th Congressional District, you see what’s happening here in our community, and it has nothing to do with race. Is. And when you’re the guy who’s become a leftist who cried wolf and everything is about race, that it actually undermines the times when race is a real issue. So my goal on this committee is to make sure that we don’t do that. Allow them to use race. As a scapegoat for everything. Let’s look at what’s important to the American people and how we can solve some of the problems that are happening at the border that are killing people every day.

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