Republicans repeatedly interrupt Biden during State of the Union address

Republicans heckled President Joe Biden repeatedly during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, ignoring occasional attempts by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Within moments of the address, Republicans in the House chamber booed Biden, protesting his approach to a wide range of issues such as immigration, Social Security and Medicare spending and the debt ceiling.

Biden at one point managed to turn hackles in the chamber into a standing ovation from most Republicans, including McCarthy, as he discussed spending on Social Security and Medicare, as well as the debt ceiling and the national debt. .

“These are the facts, check it out,” Biden said, as the chamber erupted into laughter. “Check it out!” He continued to ramble.

“How did Congress respond to all this debt?” Biden asked. “They did the right thing, they raised the debt ceiling three times without any preconditions or crisis.”

Democrats cheered while Republicans remained silent. But when the president accused some Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, the protests flared up again.

“Some of my Republican friends want to hold the economy hostage until I agree with their economic plans. All of you at home should know what their plans are,” Biden said. Instead of paying contributions, some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to expire every five years.”

Biden had to raise his voice, saying out loud, “Anybody who doubts that, call my office, I’ll give you a copy of the proposal.” He was likely referring to a proposal by GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, who was chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee last year, calling for all federal legislation to be renewed every five years.

The White House has repeatedly accused Republicans of wanting cuts to Social Security and Medicare, but McCarthy recently made it clear that those cuts were off the table.

The president said he was “pleased to see” the reaction from Republicans, adding, “I enjoy the change.”

McCarthy shook his head and appeared to silence his members.

The president went on to say that if we don’t respond, they will be “threatened to default on the debt”.

“Folks — as we all seem to agree, Social Security and Medicare are off the books now, okay? They’re not to be touched,” he said, which turned into applause. “We have a consensus!”

White House officials say Biden has long lost the energy to engage with his audience.

Staff watching in various West Wing offices cheered and high-fived at the moment, especially the way the president bowed in response to Republicans. When the president returned to the White House, staff gathered in the Diplomatic Room to welcome him. They applauded as he walked in and Biden spoke about how strongly he feels about the reasons to be optimistic about the country.

Biden then recognized outgoing chief of staff Ron Klein, whose last day is Wednesday. Not only was the speech strong overall, but the president was incredibly proud of everyone in his back-and-forth with Republicans on Medicare and Social Security, Klein said briefly.

Klein called the back-and-forth an “all-time great State of the Union moment that people will look back on for years.” He also received a standing ovation.

GOP Rep. Bob Good of Virginia said he was one of the hecklers who called Biden a “liar,” saying the president deserved it for his comments about Republicans taking Social Security and Want to cut Medicare.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia repeatedly shouted down Biden throughout the speech — responding to everything from his comments on fentanyl to entitlement cuts. He also called Biden a “liar” when he brought up proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And she remained seated as Biden introduced the family of Tyr Nicholas, the ambassador of Ukraine to the United States.

Tennessee GOP Rep. Andy Ogles, who shouted “it’s your fault” when Biden brought up fentanyl overdose deaths, defended his outcry.

“For him to stand there with a straight face, and tell us he has a solution, when he could have closed the border with the stroke of a pen … that hurts me,” Ogles said. Overdose deaths linked to drug trafficking at the US border with Mexico. “He hasn’t done a damn thing about it.”

After Tuesday night’s address, McCarthy would not comment when asked about the heckling. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise won’t criticize his members, instead calling on the president to tone down his rhetoric about GOP pressure to cut entitlements.

Democratic Senator Joe Mnuchin of West Virginia slammed the representatives who hacked Biden, saying it was “horribly childish,” “disgusting,” and adding that it was “acceptable in a third world country.” May be.” Democratic Whip Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois called it “really inappropriate.”

Rallies by the opposing political party during presidential addresses in the chamber have become more common in recent years.

When Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted, “You lie!” During then-President Barack Obama’s health care speech in 2009, he was quickly condemned by members of his own party. He later apologized.

Other signs of the object have also come before the chamber’s cameras.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, tore up a copy of then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address as she wrapped up her remarks.

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