Riot Games’ next CEO is global president A. Dylan Jadeja

Riot Games, the company behind the popular online game League of Legends, has named A. Dylan Jadeja as its next CEO. Jadeja, who currently serves as the company’s global president, will take over the role from Nicolo Laurent, who has been CEO since 2017.

Jadeja has been with Riot Games for almost seven years, having joined the company in 2015 as the general manager for the Asia-Pacific region. He later served as the head of publishing and global operations before being promoted to his current position as global president in 2019. In that role, he has been responsible for overseeing the company’s operations across all regions.

In a statement announcing the appointment, Laurent praised Jadeja’s leadership and strategic vision, saying that he had been a key driver of Riot Games’ growth and success over the past few years. Laurent will remain with the company in an advisory role.

Under Laurent’s leadership, Riot Games has grown from a small startup to a global powerhouse, with more than 2,500 employees and offices in several countries. The company’s flagship game, League of Legends, has become one of the most popular online games in the world, with millions of players logging on every day.

Jadeja will take over as CEO at a time when Riot Games is facing increased competition from other online gaming companies, as well as concerns over workplace culture and allegations of harassment and discrimination. In 2018, the company was rocked by a series of allegations of sexism and harassment, leading to a wave of employee protests and walkouts.

Since then, Riot Games has implemented several measures aimed at improving workplace culture and promoting diversity and inclusion. The company has also launched several new games and initiatives aimed at expanding its reach and attracting new players.

Jadeja’s appointment as CEO is seen as a signal that Riot Games is committed to continuing its growth and innovation in the face of these challenges. In a statement, he said that he was honored to take on the role and excited about the company’s future.

“I’m incredibly excited to be taking on this new role at Riot Games, and I’m committed to building on the strong foundation that Nicolo has established over the past few years,” Jadeja said. “We have an incredible team here at Riot, and I’m confident that we can continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in online gaming and deliver amazing experiences to our players.”

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