Robert Saleh “intends” to play Zach Wilson again despite Mike White’s success

Give Robert Saleh this: He’s consistent.

The Jets coach remained on the news Monday, saying his “intention” is still to return backup quarterback Zach Wilson to the lineup this season.

“I still stand by that statement,” Saleh said. “Zach is doing everything right. He is taking extra time for the meeting. He’s been “working overtime after practice, really working on reconnecting his fundamentals and putting in some extra time.”

While Wilson has earned his spot, it’s unlikely he’ll return to his starting job. Mike White put together two good games. He didn’t throw a touchdown in Sunday’s 27-22 loss to the Vikings, but showed up in the fourth quarter and made some gutsy tackles to help the Jets win the game.

The Jets are 7-5 and in the playoff race with five games remaining. White has thrown for more than 300 yards in his two starts. If things stay the same, Saleh won’t be rooting for White over Wilson, but Saleh is still rooting for Wilson, the Jets’ No. 2 pick in 2021. It could be a way to bolster Wilson’s credibility, or perhaps the organization’s. they don’t want to appear to be giving up on a player they thought would be their franchise quarterback. Either way, Saleh seems to be trying to turn things around, and White knows he’s going to be a guy who can’t completely collapse this season.

Jets defender Zach Wilson (2) during training at Floreham Park
Zach Wilson could see Jets action again this season.
Bill Costrown

Saleh said Wilson has a chance to impress in practice every day as a quarterback for the scout teamThe player who describes that week’s opponent for the Jets’ starting defense.

“Getting those finishes against our defense,” Saleh said, “just getting those finishes and giving us confidence that he’s capable and he’s capable of anything as a quarterback.” The goal is still to get him back on the football field.”

Intent is a funny word, and Saleh is obviously playing some semantics here. If he wants, he can have this intention White color can change this intention with the way he plays.

Saleh responded Monday to a question about whether White could change his plans, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to bench a quarterback who’s been popular in the locker room and is playing well.

“This is Mike’s chance to make a splash,” Salih said. “You never ask how your opportunity came. You just take your chances and do your best. We trust Mike. I know the saying, “If you have more than one quarterback, you don’t have one.” Well, we feel like there are three of them. We have three very good ones.”

When the Jets face the Bills on Sunday, the plan is to have White as the starting quarterback, Joe Flacco as his backup and Wilson to be inactive again. was in that order. After losing to the Patriots.

New York Jets quarterback Mike White (5) throws a pass
Mike White appears to be firmly entrenched as the Jets’ head coach, although coach Robert Saleh wants Zach Wilson back in the lineup.
AP photo

As for the future this postseason, Saleh won’t touch it. He was asked if he was open to the idea that White could be better than Wilson position may have a long-term response.

“In a week, guys,” Saleh said.

White completed 31 of 57 passes for 369 yards and two interceptions on Sunday. It wasn’t his best game, but he made a play and led the team with two chances to win in the fourth quarter.

“He made big shots in crucial situations,” left tackle Dwayne Brown said. “I thought he was calm and his pep talk was always positive. He always talks about the belief in crime. We have never lost faith. We never thought we would lose that game. He also took some big hits and got up and cleaned himself up and made some big hits right after that. I’m really proud and happy that he showed up.

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