Rocky Romero reveals the connection between WWE and NJPW


WWE and NJPW were talking about the deal, mostly due to Brian Danielson. Vince McMahon’s company wanted to keep Brian under contract and Danielson also wanted to work for NJPW. This caused WWE to reach out and try to contract.

Rocky Romero talked about New Japan and how it is a working relationship with the latest AEW-like campaigns Battlefield Podcast Rocky Romero discusses the differences between companies such as WWE, AEW and New Japan. According to him, AEW and New Japan theatrical represent the elements of wrestling in an innovative way but WWE relies on vanilla theatrics.

Romero feels on one side a theater, on the other hand an innovative theater. It’s more about the character and the characters expressing their own content. Like AEW having a very important major championship.

Hangman Page won the title after a year of fighting and people are talking about him. Romero says it was a good storyline. According to him, it should be for everyone. Rocky Romero says, “Everyone wants to be a top guy, everybody wants to be a champion. So let them figure it out for a year. And yet, that story is not finished yet, because you can tell what Kenny won and Adam Page has one. Obviously we have three or four years to see where it goes. That’s the interesting part. ”

Rocky Romero benefited greatly from the Forbidden Door alliance between AEW and New Japan. He took part in both games AEW Dark: Elevation And AEW Dynamite. However, it is rumored that the two sides will work with WWE instead of New Japan after talks between the two sides went public in May. Rocky Romero described how close the two sides were,

“With AEW, they have a real understanding of New Japan and the product and have complete respect for the history of the product, what the product is, what the wrestlers are and how they do it. It seems to make sense in the grand scheme of things with both companies working together, and I think, obviously, it’s just the beginning, and I think it’s like the Hangman Page-Kenny Omega feud. They’re ready for Okada to show up and fight Kenny in gear or something, but I think it’s a long-term thing, because both companies are building themselves right now.

We will never see a deal between NJPW and WWE at this point. Definitely interesting to see going down.

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November 25, 2021 12:41 am

Gunjan Nath

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