Roy Keane slams Spurs after a second-half crash against Chelsea


Roy Keane has severely criticized Tottenham Hotspur following their 3-0 defeat to league leaders Chelsea this evening.

The goals from either side of Thiago Silva and Antonio Rediger’s Eric Dier’s own goal denounced Nuno Esperito Santo’s men for their second consecutive Premier League defeat. At half-time Thomas Tuchel was praised by many for his tactical tweaks, while Keane Spurs made it easy for his opponents

“Obviously I thought Chelsea was the best,” he said after the match Sky Sports. “We know what they are now – real quality, lots of energy, desire. Men and boys

You can have the day off and obviously sometimes you lose quality but lack of desire, especially as we have seen with the second and perhaps the last goal… all goals. Talk about wanting to keep your body in line. “

Tottenham were on their own in the first 45 minutes and both Gary Neville and Mika Richards hailed as they were level at the break. However, Spain’s first-half efforts were irrelevant and Keane said he needed to pay more attention to how he played in the second half.

“The game is 90 odd minutes long,” he continued. “When teams are doing well, this thought, ‘Oh they did well in the first half’ – it doesn’t matter you stay in the game.

Chelsea have a fantastic team. We’ve seen replacements coming up. Pure quality. I have no problem with them (Tottenham) lack of quality. And I (Harry) Kane- his body language today … oh my goodness. Seeing Spurs today makes me very angry. “

Keane’s fellow pundit, former Liverpool midfielder and manager Graeme Souness, shared his feelings for the Irish.

“We talk about Chelsea and how wonderful they are – they’re all doing the basics right,” he said. “They were playing as a team, stopping crosses, putting blocks inside, pressing together, not individually. And the Spurs looked like a non-team.

They are making fundamental mistakes that lead to goals and at this level… this is the highest level. If you don’t do the basics right, you will be punished. “

Tottenham have a short affair at the Emirates Stadium in the North London derby to face next Sunday afternoon



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