Rupert Everett Accuses Prince Harry Of Lying About How He Lost His Virginity

British actor Rupert Everett is asking Prince HarryThe story of how she lost her virginity, which Shahi has written about in her book. Spare. “By the way, I know who the woman is that he lost his virginity to,” the 63-year-old told the UK outlet. The Telegraph on Thursday, February 2. “And it wasn’t behind a pub. And it wasn’t in this country,” he teased again, adding, “I’m putting it out there for all I know.” Notably, he did not name who he thought the woman was.

Rupert Everett responds to Prince Harry’s virginity story (© Allpix Press / MEGA / MEGA)

Prince Harry wrote that he was 17 when he first had sex with an older woman. He described the incident as an “embarrassing incident with an older woman” and revealed that she “loves horses” – but did not reveal her identity, leaving readers wild with theories. . “She was very fond of horses, and treated me like a young horse. A quick ride, after which she stroked my rump and sent me to grace,” he added. Among the many things I did wrong. It happened in a meadow behind a busy pub,” the deceased’s youngest son Princess Diana And King Charles also said. The pub is believed to be the Rattlebone Inn in Wiltshire.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry says he lost his virginity to an older woman. (Philip Ramels/

was among the many names thrown into the hat. Elizabeth Hurley57 – However ex The Royals Star quickly denied that she was the woman who took Harry’s V card. “Not me. Not guilty. Ha!” He told The Saturday Times magazine, before doubling down “No. Not me. Absolutely not,” the bikini designer – who is 19 years Harry’s senior – added days before the book’s January 10, 2023, release.

Susanna Harvey She also denied that she was a questionable woman in a cheeky manner. Posting a photo of ginger nuts on Instagram, she revealed that the snack was the only one she’s ever touched and warned her followers to “believe what you read.” The pair were pictured together at a gala earlier in the year, with some royal followers linking up.

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