Sally Field’s Husband History: Who Has The Famous Star Been Married To Through The Years?

  • Sally Field is a two-time Academy Award-winning actress.
  • He has been married twice.
  • The beloved actress is currently working on ’80 for Brady’.

Sally FieldThe 76-year-old is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and beloved actresses. gave Forrest Gump And Steel magnolias The star rose to fame in television and film, and appeared alongside other legends, including the late Burt Reynolds (with whom he shared a long-term relationship) Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Downey Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts, and more. gave Mrs. Debtfire The actress is also well remembered as the sassy title character in TV’s Invincible. The Flying Nun In the late 1960s, and more recently in a recurring role I.S – for which he received an Emmy Award in 2001.

She is currently acting alongside. Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Tom Brady, And Lily Tomlin In the 2023 sports comedy 80 for Brady. As she emerges back into the spotlight, many are wondering what Sally’s personal life has been like. Sally has been married twice, though her second marriage ended decades ago.

Here’s what to know about the two men Sally calls her husband.

Steven Craig

Sally Field (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Sally got married Steven Craig In 1968, according to Or A.P, they were high school sweethearts. Per cLosers WeeklyHe has reportedly worked as a producer in film and television. Together, they welcomed two sons during their marriage, and both have followed in their mothers’ footsteps with successful careers in the entertainment industry. Peter CraigHer eldest, is now a screenwriter and novelist responsible for such massive hits as Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman, And The Hunger Games Movies Eli Craig He is an actor and directorZombieland, Tucker and Dale v. Bray, Little Evil.)

Sally and Steven officially divorced in 1975, although they had separated two years earlier in 1973. Little is known about Sally’s first marriage.

Allan Griezmann

Sally Field
Sally Field and Alan Griezmann (BEI/Shutterstock)

According to the AP, Sally married. Allan Griezmann In a private ceremony in December 1984, after a high-profile, four-year relationship with Smoky and bandit costar Burt Reynolds. Allen is best known for his work as a high-powered producer of iconic ’80s films. Chevy ChaseIt’s hilarious Fletch, Jack Nicholsonbeing charlie, And Morgan FreemanOf Bucket list.

Sally and Alan welcome their son. Sam Griezmannnow a writer, in 1987 and they divorced 10 years later in 1994.

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