Sarah Sanders delivers GOP rebuttal to Biden SOTU, says Americans have a choice ‘between normal or crazy’

Arkansas Gov.-elect Sarah Sanders blasted the GOP in President Biden’s second State of the Union address on Tuesday, calling for a “new generation of Republican leadership” and calling the choice between Democrats and Republicans “a choice between normal or crazy.” stated. “

“Being a mother of three young children has taught me not to believe every story I hear. So forgive me for not believing anything President Biden said tonight. China, Biden and the Democrats. Threats have failed you,” Sanders said.

“It’s time for change. Tonight, let us reaffirm our commitment to a timeless American ideal: that government exists not to rule the people, but to serve the people. Democrats govern us with more government control.” “We want to, but we’re not,” he added.

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Sanders noted that he and Biden don’t have much in common because he’s “for freedom” and he’s “for government control,” noting the four-decade difference in their ages.

Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders rebuts Republicans during President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. (Fox News)

“At 40, I’m the youngest governor in the country. At 80, he’s the oldest president in American history. I’m the first woman to lead my state. It doesn’t even say that a woman. What happens,” he said.

“In radical left-wing America, Washington taxes you and burns your hard-earned money, but you are crushed by high gas prices, empty grocery shelves, and our children of their generation. Because we are taught to hate each other, but not like this. To love each other or our great country,” he added.

House Republicans called for the impeachment of Homeland Secretary Meyerkas before the state of the union

He described the Biden administration as “completely hijacked by the radical left” and said America’s “dividing line” was no longer the separation between right and left.

“The choice is between normal or crazy,” he said. “It’s time for a new generation of Republican leadership.”

He led his efforts to counter bigotry and other Democratic policies in Arkansas, such as critical race theory and shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said Americans want wisdom from their leaders, but Biden is busy “doubling down on the crazy.”

Biden speaks with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, left, and U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, right, Republican of California, during the State of the Union address.

Biden speaks with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, left, and U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, right, Republican of California, during the State of the Union address. (Photographer: Jacqueline Martin/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“President Biden inherited the fastest economic recovery on record. The most secure border in history. Cheap, abundant domestic energy. Rapidly rising wages. A rebuilt military. And a world that was stable and peaceful. But “Years in the last two years, the Democrats have destroyed it all,” Sanders said.

“Despite the Democrats’ reckless spending of trillions and mountains of debt, we now have the worst border crisis in American history,” he added.

Biden grappled with negative approval ratings ahead of his second State of the Union speech

Sanders has touted the need to secure the border and stop the flow of fentanyl, a drug responsible for thousands of deaths each month, into the United States, railed against Democratic calls to defund the police, and foreign policy. , fueling Biden’s “weakness” on China in particular.

“Make no mistake: Republicans will not concede this fight. We will lead with courage and do what is right, not what is politically correct or convenient,” he said.

“Republicans believe in an America where strong families thrive in safe communities. Where jobs are plentiful, and wages are rising. Where the freedoms our veterans have died to defend, every man, A woman and a child have a birthright,” he said.

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. (AP Photo/Patrick Simansky)

Sanders vowed that Senate Republicans and Republicans led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would hold the Biden administration accountable.

“America is great because we are free. But today our freedom is under attack, and the America we love is in danger. President Biden and the Democrats have failed you. It’s time for a change.” “A new generation of Republican leaders is stepping up. Not to be caretakers of the status quo, but to be changemakers for the American people,” he said.

He added, “We don’t know what the future holds, but we know in whose hands the future is. And as God’s witnesses, we will show the world that America is still a place of freedom.” There is rein and freedom will never die.” .

Sanders, who served as White House press secretary under former President Donald Trump, had never held elected office before being elected governor of Arkansas. She is also the daughter of the state’s former Republican governor, Mike Huckabee.

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