SD House committee passes two bills regulating medical marijuana locations, examinations

PERRY, SD (Dakota News Now) – Two bills to further restrict medical marijuana passed the House Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday morning.

One bill, HB 1172, requires a medical evaluation of a patient at a licensed health care facility to obtain a medical cannabis card.

Another bill, HB 1129, requires that a doctor certify that he has reviewed the patient’s medical history.

It would also require that the visit is not to obtain a marijuana card unless it is a referral, and that no contraindications to medical cannabis be identified.

Both bills were sponsored by Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-Florence).

Rep. The first bill addresses “pop-up” clinics in hotels, storefronts and other locations, Deutsch said.

“There are no regulations on clinic locations,” Rep. Deutsch said. “It will provide some measure of regulation.”

He said that such clinics are held in bars and strip clubs.

Jeremiah Murphy, a lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry in South Dakota, said HB 1172 arbitrarily reduces the number of facilities where potential patients can obtain their medical marijuana card.

He also said that as unpleasant as some places are, they are better than the alternative.

Murphy said the black market is where most marijuana is sold. “The more people you put in front of doctors, the better.”

Opponents tried to kill the bill but failed.

HB 1172 passed the committee by a vote of 10 to 2.

HB 1129 passed by a vote of 4 to 9.

Both measures will now go to the House for further consideration.

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