Security agent hired to protect Philadelphia gas station accuses DA Krasner of crime: ‘He beat us’

One Philadelphia gas station owner took matters into his own hands by hiring private security guards to patrol the gas pumps to protect his business and customers.

Chief Andre Boyer, Pennsylvania SITE State Agent, joined “Fox & Friends First” Thursday to discuss how city leaders are failing their people as crime continues on the streets.

“DA Larry Krasner, he’s definitely a big part of this because when we elected him, we elected him as prosecutor, and he failed us,” Boyer told host Carly Shimkus. “But Danielle Outlaw was not the commissioner she should have been, the police commissioner. She was lost in action.”

VIOLENCE IN PHILADELPHIA SAYS ‘OFF THE CHAIN’ Agent on the ground is hired to protect a local gas station

CEO Andre Boyer is hired as a private security guard at a Philadelphia gas station to protect the business and customers from rising crime.
(Fox News)

“He was really missing in action,” he continued. “Since he has been in office, there has been no direct plan by the police department to protect citizens or stem the flow of crime, none at all.”

Neil Patel, who operates the Carco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, said he hired Pennsylvania SITE state agents to protect his employees and customers after his store was repeatedly robbed. according to the local Fox affiliate, Fox 29.

Patel said he was finally moved to hire armed security after youths recently vandalized his business and stole his ATM.

He said his car was also vandalized by criminals in the area.

“I don’t want my customers to walk up to a gas tank and worry about being shot, stabbed, robbed or injured, and his other biggest problem was drug dealers,” Boyer said.

“The drug dealers took over his gas station before we got there. He doesn’t have that problem anymore.”

With crime on the rise in the City of Brotherly Love, Boyer said he has reached out to other business owners who hope to provide another layer of protection against the city’s criminals.

“Many gas stations approached me. “I had an actual manager at a Wawa, a woman, who said, ‘I want to talk to my boss and see if you and your agency can at least have two people at each Wawas, or not.’ not in mine. Anyway, because the public loves it. We felt safe. We’re not worried about what happened a few months ago, where a guy came in and shot everybody.”

Overall, crime in Philadelphia is up 24 percent from last year.

Fox News’ John Brown contributed to this report.

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