Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Makeup-Free Face In Gorgeous Unfiltered Selfies

Selena GomezThe 30-year-old showed off her natural beauty on Instagram on February 1. The singer posed for several makeup-free selfies as she wore two different sweatshirts, one black and one blue. She also waved and let down her hair and gave a small smile to the camera.

“Me,” Selena simply captioned the photo post. It didn’t take long for her fans to respond to the snapshots with comments full of praise and support. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a real role model for young women. You show them that they are beautiful, without all the glamour, and that’s what the well-being of our youth is all about. So important. Magazines and social media give such a synonymous idea of ​​what beauty is. Keep being you,” one fan wrote.

“What a queen posting pictures of herself in all her natural beauty, spontaneity…. Best post I’ve seen today ❤️❤️😍😍😍,” another fan wrote, while a third shared, “That’s why You are a role model for so many people.”

Selena looks epic at the previous event. (Shutterstock)

Selena’s makeup-free selfies came after she made headlines for responding to trolls who pointed out that her hands were shaking in a recent video. The beauty revealed that the medicine she takes for lupus causes her hands to shake, which was seen while applying makeup in a recent TikTok clip. “I shake because of my medication for lupus,” she wrote under one post, which was shared on Jan. 5. “Also read my disclaimer. I am not a supporter.”

Selena is known for being open and honest with her fans about the ups and downs of her life, making her quite an inspiration to young women. She took a break from Instagram for a while to take care of her mental health but has recently returned and is getting a lot of love from her followers. Her first post back included cute photos of her standing in a mirror while wearing a stylish outfit that included a white jacket. She also had her hair pulled back into a low side ponytail and wore flattering makeup. “Wait can you tell I’m back on Instagram?” he asked in the caption.

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