Sen. Rick Scott says ‘Biden should resign’ in new Florida ad accusing president of cheating on taxes

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., will run an ad in his home state of Florida on Wednesday accusing President Biden of tax fraud and calling for him to step down.

The ad begins by saying that Biden plans to cut $280 billion from Medicare and hire tens of thousands of IRS agents, then takes a personal turn.

“But what you don’t know is that Joe Biden also cheated on his taxes and got away with it. Biden improperly used a loophole that allowed Medicare to evade half a million dollars in taxes. should have,” Scott said in the ad. “Now that Biden has gutted Medicare for half a million dollars, he wants to close that loophole and raise your taxes.”

Scott then says, “Biden should resign.”

Twitter Flags Biden’s Tweet Accusing GOP of Wanting to Cut Social Security, Medicare

Fox News reached out to the White House for comment on the ad, but they did not immediately respond.

According to Punchbowl News, the ad will target the Tampa area, a day before the president is set to make an appearance there.

Scott tweeted a video of the ad Tuesday night, with the message that Biden “lies about Republicans trying to cut Social Security and Medicare,” a claim the president has repeated multiple times — including Tuesday night. During his State of the Union address.

Marjorie Taylor Green calls ‘liar’ as Biden claims GOP wants to cut Medicare, Social Security

In a new ad that ran in Florida this week, Senator Rick Scott accused President Biden of cheating on his taxes. (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Biden and other Democrats have made a habit of accusing Republicans of wanting to cut those programs ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Underlying the claim — which Republicans insist is false — is a plan Scott proposed to sunset all federal programs and require renewal every five years. Social Security or Medicare are not specifically mentioned in Scott’s plan, but they are included because they are federal programs. Biden’s accusation did not provide that context.

Scott claims that Biden wants to add 87,000 IRS agents and that the president has cut $280 billion in Medicare. Biden signed legislation providing the IRS with about $80 billion over 10 years, which the Treasury Department estimates will hire about 87,000 new workers, though it’s not clear if they will. How many agents will there be?

As for Medicare, the Committee on a Responsible Federal Budget wrote in August that the inflation-reduction law would save Medicare about $300 billion, but not reduce benefits. However, the same group also blasted the White House earlier this week for a recent comment about Social Security and Medicare, when a spokesman referred to a commission to save the programs as a “death panel.” .

“This kind of heated rhetoric is dishonest, harmful and completely unacceptable,” the group’s president said.

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