Senior military official called for resignation after targeting mother upset by pansexual school posters

A Facebook post by a New Jersey mother complaining about sex-biased posters at her child’s elementary school has sparked a surprising response from the US military.

A senior U.S. military official on Wednesday responded to a Facebook post by mother and member of the North Burlington Board of Education, Angela Reading, after she complained to local police about what she described as “safety concerns.” was called to come out. .”

Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling took issue with a post on Redding’s local Facebook group warning parents in a local Facebook group that his 7-year-old’s school has posted posters of different sexualities, including the virtues of being “polysexual,” at the entrance.

The posters were reportedly part of a mission to create a “safe space” for all students to feel “good and accepted.” The posters were made by 9-year-olds, as detailed on the Chaos and Control Substack page, which first reported the story.


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Reading condemned the display in a primary school hallway as “depraved” and said it should be “illegal to sexually assault my children” and presented parents with a wall of LGBTQ-themed posters.

The last thing he expected was a response from a high-ranking military officer.

“I was surprised. I was scared,” Reading said in an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday. “I pulled my kids out of school the day I found out. It was shocking, and I was worried for the American military when they came after you for your concern about an open poster for everyone to see.”

On his personal Facebook page, according to a screenshot, Schilling Reading’s post said there were “security concerns,” adding that Joint Base was working with local law enforcement to “monitor the situation” and “ensure the continued safety of the entire community.” .”

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The Joint Base confirmed to Fox News that they notified law enforcement about the social media exchange.

The Joint Base confirmed to Fox News that they notified law enforcement about the social media exchange.
(US Army)

“The current situation surrounding Ms. Riding’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,” he wrote. “Joint Base Management takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning Security Forces worked with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to control the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community.”

However, Reading said his post was “really moderate”.

“Actually, I didn’t think it was age appropriate for a 7-year-old to be exposed to words like multisexual and pansexual,” Reading told Carlson. “I said that all people deserve love and respect. My post was very clear about that. However, this has prompted this kind of response and it’s scary that in this country we don’t have the right to speak up and worry about our public. .educational system”.

Reading added that while he’s upset by the response to his post, he believes Schilling is a “bad actor” who doesn’t represent all members of the U.S. military, and North Hanover is home to many “phenomenal” military families and educators. .

Still, Reading said military intervention and police pressure made him afraid to speak out.

The administrator of the Facebook group told him that North Hanover Police Chief Robert Duff had demanded it be removed, Reading said.

“I said: ‘I don’t want the National Security Service to come after me, remove the post. I said, ‘I don’t want to deal with it.’


“We should not be using government resources and our positions to force individuals to delete Facebook posts,” he said. “I also shared with him the post that he had already seen. There was nothing wrong with it. It didn’t break any laws, it didn’t break Facebook’s rules.”

Reading said the servicemen’s “greatest love deserves admiration and respect.”
(Maxwell Air Force Base)

The Joint Base confirmed to Fox News that it notified law enforcement of the social media exchange, a “common practice of sharing information among law enforcement agencies.”

“The military’s purpose is to protect us from foreign enemies, not to police Facebook posts,” Carlson said.

He added that he hoped Schilling would be “removed from his command tonight.” As for the police chief, Carlson said, “I hope that Chief Duff will be relieved of his position immediately.”

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