Seth Rogen sees right through streaming CEOs’ secrecy

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen recently took to Twitter to criticize the lack of transparency from streaming platform CEOs regarding the viewership numbers of their original content.

In a tweet, Rogen wrote, “I’ve been asked to do a Netflix special many times. I’d happily do it, but I have no idea how many people watch anything on Netflix. Anyone know?”

The tweet sparked a conversation on social media, with many agreeing with Rogen’s sentiment and expressing frustration with the lack of transparency from streaming platforms.

Rogen’s tweet comes amid a larger conversation about the streaming industry and its impact on the entertainment industry as a whole. Streaming platforms have disrupted traditional Hollywood business models, leading to concerns about how artists are compensated for their work and how their work is valued.

Many have called for more transparency from streaming platforms, particularly around viewership numbers. While some platforms, like Netflix, have begun sharing more data about viewership, others have remained tight-lipped about their metrics.

Rogen’s tweet also highlights the power dynamics at play in the industry. As streaming platforms continue to dominate the entertainment landscape, artists and creators may have less bargaining power and fewer options for distributing their work.

As the industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether more transparency and accountability will become the norm. However, Rogen’s tweet and the conversation it sparked suggest that many are calling for greater openness and clarity from streaming platform CEOs.

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