Seth Rollins had another crazy catfishing story years ago


Seth Rollins has a history of issues that fans can emulate. After Rollins jumped from a fan on WWE Raw last night, it was reported that the attacker had fallen victim to an online catfishing scheme. The man who pretended to be Seth Rollins was 24 years old Elisa Spencer Both believed that they had a business relationship.

Ultimately, it was all a scam and had nothing to do with the actual Rollins project. Spencer was asked by fraudsters to send cash and gift cards. When the money was running out at him, the fake Seth stopped responding. Rollins shared an astonishing story in 2019 when he promoted WWE at Chicago Hip-Hop Station WCGI.

“Our fans are very passionate and they are the lifeblood of what we do. But man, sometimes it’s a little overdue … a woman came to my house.

Social media is crazy in this era, as all catfish are. So what happens is that these people pretend to be me and engage these fans of me and try to extort Amazon gift cards or money or something. And this woman showed up at my house a long time ago. Twice, twice! I had to call the police on her.

The interview took place two years from the date Rollins was attacked in Brooklyn. Screenshots of the conversation between Elisa Spencer and the fake Seth Rollins are almost identical to the details that appeared when they emerged. It is strange to think that this has happened to the superstar more than once.

Fortunately Seth was not injured in the attack. He fell to his face and looked like a plump lip. He is Refused medical treatment In the scene. Spencer was immediately arrested by the NYPD. You can check out Seth Rollins ’disturbing story below.

Do you wonder if this has happened to Seth Rollins more than once? Share your opinion in the comments.

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November 23, 2021 4:47 pm


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