Shane McGowan’s wife gives health update after Pogues singer hospitalized

Shane McGowan’s wife Victoria Mary Clarke has shared an update on the condition of the Pogues frontman, who was hospitalized last Friday (December 2).

Clarke announced on Twitter on Monday (December 5) that the singer had been hospitalized. In an interview with him, he gave detailed information about his condition Irish Mirrortold fans “not to worry too much” and “will make sure he’s fine.”

Yesterday (December 6), Clarke gave another update, thanking fans for sending their well wishes to the former Pogues frontman. “He is being treated for an infection and doctors believe he will be fine,” he wrote. “I am very grateful to them and to all of you.”

McGowan has experienced repeated health problems over the past decade, including a broken pelvis in 2015 that required him to use a wheelchair and left him with permanent mobility issues. That year, after oral health and dental complications, she received a new set of teeth and titanium implants in her jaw. The following year, MacGowan was hospitalized with hip pain compounded by pneumonia.

Earlier this year, during an interview with Spectator to promote her debut art book, Eternal hype and golden threadMacGowan described what a day in her life looks like, saying it begins with her waking up in a “luxurious hospital bed in an apartment.”

“I’m not a morning person, but I’m glad to be alive, so I’m grateful to wake up. I have lovely caregivers and they lift me out of bed and into my green chair. “Usually someone is making me do something or talk about something,” McGowan continued.

“Sometimes people visit or we go out to dinner or sometimes I go to the hospital. If I don’t end up in the hospital, I thank Jesus, His Holy Mother, all the saints and angels.”

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