‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Confirms She’s ‘Dating Someone Exclusively’ After Kody Split

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Love is in the air. Christine Brown! After almost two years of separation from him Cody BrownChristine reveals that she has a new boyfriend. The reality star shared the news with her followers on her Instagram story on February 7. She opened up about her new mystery man and why she’s keeping his identity a secret for now.

“I just have to tell you – I’m dating someone exclusively!” Christine said. “He’s amazing and romantic and so kind and everything I’m looking for. He’s incredible with her. [my daughter] Really. He is absolutely a dream come true. I’m so excited to show you guys pictures and everything in a little while. For now, I’m just keeping it to myself, though, and I’ll let you guys know more in a bit. But ah, I’m so excited.”

Christine Brown
Christine Brown still plans to appear on ‘Sister Wives’ after leaving Cody. (TLC)

Christine confirmed in the fall of 2021 that she and Cody were separating spiritually after nearly 30 years of marriage. However, her discussions with Cody about the split began months ago, as documented in her most recent season. Sister wives. After figuring out the logistics of the split, Christine moved with Cody and the rest of her sister-wives in Arizona to be near some of their older children in Utah.

Indeed Christine and Cody’s only minor child. Although Cody objected at first, the 12-year-old moved to Arizona with Christine. However, Christine has insisted that she wants Cody to be a part of Trulli’s life when he visits Arizona or when he visits Utah.

Christine’s problems with Cody began when he told her that he was no longer attracted to her and said that he no longer wanted to be intimate. She didn’t want to marry someone who didn’t want to be intimate with her. Meanwhile, Cody accuses Christine of “cheating” on him by talking about him behind his back, causing him not to be attracted to her. Cody’s two other wives, Mary Brown And Janelle BrownHe has also been estranged since Christine left.

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