Some Man United players have ‘minded’ Harry Maguire’s promotion to captaincy


Following the sacking of Ole Gunnar Soulszare, some players at Manchester United were upset that Harry Maguire was promoted to captaincy.

He left the team seventh in the league after a humiliating defeat at Vicarage Road 4-1.

The Red Devils had good momentum on Saturday as they conceded four goals, while Maguire was sent off for two bookable offenses.

Defender will be unavailable for the next Premier League match against Chelsea.

But that news can come as a welcome relief. Well, if Samuel Luckhurst’s damning report is anything to go by.

He says some players within the team have expressed ‘displeasure’ over the promotion to the captaincy of the England international.

The unnamed player questioned why he was rejected when Maguire and Fred were largely saved in the starting XI despite their poor performance.

An excerpt from his piece in the Manchester Evening News reads: “Some players resented Harry Maguire’s premature promotion. One player quickly dismissed him and questioned why Maguire and Fred were retained despite the lackluster performance.

“Even a player’s father has admitted that his son has been a ‘c ** p’ for weeks.”

Maguire has been the subject of scrutiny for his under-par performances this season.

And during his international break with England, he was slammed for his celebration against Albania.

In celebration of Maguire’s goal, Roy Keane said: “He clearly puts his hands to his ear [to] I think it is embarrassing as the critics are closed but they have been humiliated over the last few months by Man UTD.

“If he scores, he’s going to cover up his critics – embarrassed.”

Soulsjer jumped to his defense and in doing so, targeted Keane for a dig.

“As a true example of a Man UTD player, Harry [Maguire] He is always there for his team and country, ”he said.

“The so-called experts have their opinions. They are going to prove the critics wrong.”

Is Maguire Man United worthy of being a leader? Tell us what you think.



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